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Why you should post your tips regularly on ProTipster?

Why you should post your tips regularly on ProTipster?

Betting is all about earning money and enjoyment! So we covered how can you earn make more money but it should be full of fun! Posting tips on Protipster can be even better than real betting for you! Why? There are more than a couple of reasons!

1. $2500 every month in private competitions exclusively for ProTipster members

Each month tipsters share a prize pool of 2500 US Dollars and there is a grand yearly competition with 5000 US Dollars prize pool. Altogether whopping 35 000 US Dollars to grabs in 2019 exclusively for ProTipster users!

ProTipster awards tipsters with attractive rewards, including cash, free bets and ProTipster Premium subscription. Post tips and coupons, earn ProTipster coins and redeem them for real value.

We offer many free bets and bonuses based on your territory, so you can exchange your ProTipster coins to them.

2. Improve your betting skills

At betting sites it’s not always easy to follow your previous performances, but at ProTipster you can quickly check your stats for sports, tournaments and teams. Also, when you are betting, you can lose your hard earned cash, but at ProTipster you don’t risk anything. Maybe you will be able to find the best betting strategy and then earn while betting at some of the bookmakers. You just need to post your tips with us!

3. Don’t risk any money

As we mentioned above, at ProTipster you will not lose or risk any money. You will be more relaxed while you are competing against other tipsters. Posting tips at ProTipster can be fun and exciting, and you’ll never feel desperate, even if your tip doesn’t win!

4.Discover different markets

We have positive feedbacks from beginner or intermediate punters, as we help them understand markets better. Yes, that’s one of our goals! After you post your prediction, you will be able to see what exactly your bet means. In case if you ever wondered what AH -0.75 means, you will find out at ProTipster!

5. Focus on Fun!

We tried to create the best interface for posting tips straightforward. You can post your tips with just one-click, mora simpler than at any bookmaker site. You can even share your picks, while you're watching your favourite team's match. So live betting is an option too!

Therefore, you won’t be distracted by anything else than by your tip. If you like to predict outcomes, you’re at the right place!

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