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Most played matches for Rugby

Queensland Maroons Queensland Maroons vs New South Wales New South Wales 3 tips for match
Melbourne Storm Melbourne Storm vs Sydney Roosters Sydney Roosters One tip for match
South Sydney Rabbitohs South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Wests Tigers Wests Tigers One tip for match

Best Rugby Tips

South Sydney Rabbitohs will win the match

odds -323
Tip Score: 0.9

Melbourne Storm will win the match

odds -105
Tip Score: 0.0
Not rated

Queensland Maroons will win the match

odds -120
Tip Score: 0.0
Not rated

Rugby Betting Tips and Predictions

Rugby League Betting Tips

Rugby is one of the most popular sports worldwide. The sport is actively enjoyed in Europe, Asia and Australia and is seeing increasing levels of popularity in America. Betting interest in Rugby is constantly rising and is down to the sport’s intricate nature that offers punters a plethora of chances to earn profits when betting on it. Many online bookmakers today realize the potential in betting on Rugby and offer a wide selection of rugby betting markets and the best odds. Betting on rugby could be a daunting task for new punters for the same reason that it is popular, its intricacy. However, a solid understanding of the game rules coupled with getting the best Rugby betting tips could easily help you make profitable Rugby predictions.

At ProTipster you can find a number of successful Tipsters who specialize in many different sports, including Rugby. You can follow them and get the best Rugby betting tips for your Rugby predictions.

Rugby Odds

 Much like in any other form of sport betting, your ability to read and calculate Rugby odds is essential for you to understand just how much money you are making off of a particular rugby betting selection. At the same time, your ability to understand what influences odds, will have a huge impact on when you formulate your Rugby betting strategy. Rugby odds are commonly presented in the Decimal and Fractional odds formats. Both Formats are pretty straightforward and easily understood. Incidentally, you can learn more about calculating betting odds on ProTipster.

Odds calculation aside, it is important to assess how much value they give you in order to identify value betting opportunities. You find value in a bet when your assessed probability of that event is higher than what the bookmaker’s odds imply. Value betting is where you sport knowledge comes into play and is a great way of earning consistent profits. To learn more, you can read ProTipster’s article that explains how to find value in your bet.

The bookmakers not only have an in depth knowledge of the game, they also possess strong analytical tools that help them assess a team’s performance with respect to almost every factor that influences it. This information is what helps them decide odds whilst accommodating a certain profit margin for themselves. Some of the most common factors, bookmakers take into consideration when making odds include

  • Team Strength – Favorites are determined mainly over team rankings and squad quality.
  • Recent form – Previous results , Head to Heads
  • Home advantage
  • Injuries , suspensions
  • Weather Conditions
  • Team characteristics and Coach Tactics – A team may have forwards and so are naturally better at defending points. On the other side, a team may have technically strong players in their back lines and would shape their tactics in accordance to their attributes.

Additionally, keep in mind that no bookmaker offers the same odds and so it is important to choose the right bookmaker that provides you with the best rugby odds. At ProTipster, we offer Odds comparison for a number of reputable bookmakers. You can analyze them and choose the one that gives you the best rugby odds.

How to Bet on Rugby

Before we delve into the variety of Rugby betting markets available for punters to bet in, it is important to understand the two types of Rugby available to bet on. There are two organizational bodies for rugby namely the Rugby Union and the Rugby League and whilst both share the same origin, they have distinct differences in gameplay. It is understanding these differences, that’ll help you learn how to bet on rugby.

  • Rugby Union- the Rugby union, is the most popular form of rugby and is played in various parts of the world.  Rugby union is designed in a way that promotes high scores, potentially through scoring tries. Teams are allowed 15 players along with 7 substitutes each. Match duration is 80 minutes which divided into two 40 min halfs. You get 5 points for scoring a try, 2 for conversions and 3 for Drop goals. There is no limit placed on a team when in possession of the ball. When the defending team, tackles the opposition team player in possession of the ball, either a ruck or a maul is formed depending on whether the attacker falls or stays on his feet after the tackle. When there’s a violation, (tackling above shoulders, offside, passing the ball forward etc) the opposing team (depending on the severity of the violation) restarts play either by kicking the ball downfield for a “line-out” or entering a scrum. They could also essentially, take a kick at goal to score points (same as conversion except in this case you get 3 points). ProTipster offers the best Rugby Union betting Tips, check them out to boost your profits on rugby union predictions.
  • Rugby League – The Rugby league was designed to create a past paced, spectator friendly gameplay. It is similar to Union in terms of game duration which is 80 min (40 min halfs) but the number of players reduces to 13 per team along with 10 substitutes each. Apart from this, in Rugby league you get 4 points for scoring a try and just 1 point for drop goals or a “field goal” (a term synonymous with the rugby league). The major differences between the two bodies, lie in their respective rules on tackling. In Rugby league, there are no rucks or mauls formed instead, the attacking team retain ball possession by rolling the ball to their teammate using their foot. Additionally, the rugby league has a six play-period rule which means that can be tackled no more than six times before they must turn over possession. There are also no ‘Line-outs’ in the Rugby League, teams contest a scrum after the ball goes out of play. ProTipster provides Rugby League tips for all the available Rugby league action. Check out the best rugby league betting tips and improve your rugby league predictions.

Despite the gameplay and administrative differences, the fundamental objective of the game which is to win by having a higher points tally than your opponent at the end of the match, remains the same in both formats. The sheer number of ways in which you can score points in a rugby match coupled with the amount of worldwide rugby competitions, is testament to the plethora of betting markets being available in rugby betting. Some of the most popular types of rugby bets and betting markets that you’ll see many Bookmakers offering, include:


Where you bet on a specific match. The three most popular markets within this bet classification are Moneylines, Handicap Betting and Totals over/under. Moneyline is the most popular form of betting in rugby, where you bet on the winner of the match.  Handicap betting meanwhile, is when one of the teams is given a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage depending on whether the team coming into this match, is a strong favorite or an underdog. For example, if you bet on England which is at -10 spread then in order to for your bet to win, England must win their game by at least 10 points or higher. In Totals Over/Under, you bet on the total number of points to be scored in a match. The bookmakers assign a specific number of total points to a match and you bet on whether the actual number of total points either exceeds or falls below that assigned number. Additionally, Winning Margin (Betting on how many points, a team will win by) and First Scoring try (which team scores the first try) are also popular side markets.


Here you bet on Individual Players participating in a match. The most popular market under this betting type, is the First try scorer where you bet on the player you think will score the game’s first try. This market usually generates high odds due to the huge player sample selection.  Highest Points scorer is also a popular Individual betting market where in you bet on the player that scores the most points. Rugby is a sport prone to physical altercations and so Discipline markets like first yellow card and first red card (betting on the player who gets the first yellow card/ red card) for example are also relatively popular to bet in.


Outright betting or Future betting is a popular betting type in Rugby where in you bet on the winner of the tournament/ championship. There are multiple rugby tournaments both on the International and Domestic Stage, available for you to place wagers in. Some of the most popular International competitions include the world Cup, Six Nations and The Rugby Championships. On the domestic stage meanwhile, you have the Rugby League and Super rugby. Additionally, a side market in outright betting is Top Try Scorer, where you bet on the player who scores the most number of tries in the tournament.

It’s important you understand these rugby markets, combine them with you rugby knowledge and instigate your betting strategy. Having a betting strategy will not only help you make profitable predictions, but also help you be consistent with them over a long term.

There are multiple Bookmakers in the industry that offer a wide selection of rugby betting markets and many of them are ProTipster affiliated. Go check them out and get the best available selection of betting markets to enrich your betting experience.

Rugby In-Play Betting

 Rugby is a fast paced, physical game and therefore, very exciting to watch. It is also these characteristics that make Rugby extremely compatible with In-Play betting. The ever rising popularity of In-play or live betting in rugby and other sports, stems from its ability to offer sport punters a chance to view the game as they bet on it, which in turn allows them to assess the happenings and make better betting decisions. Another reason In-play betting is popular amongst punters, is the Fast cash out feature.  The odds keep shifting in In-play, so during a bet, you may find yourself in good profitable positions and sometimes in positions that may incur losses. With the Fast cash out feature, you get a chance to checkout when in a good position in your bet and either preserve your profit or restrict your loss on that bet. Many Online Bookmakers are now offering In-play betting services along with a wide range of In-play rugby markets.

MoneyLines and Handicaps are still very popular when it markets comes to in play rugby betting. Bookmakers are known to update the handicap on teams depending on how the game is been played out. For example, If New Zealand with a handicap of -10 in the beginning, takes a 7 point lead at half time then, the Bookmakers may update the handicap on them to -15. In addition to these, Next try converted, Next drop goal scored are also popular In-play rugby markets.

In play markets can be extremely profitable and with a sport like Rugby, the scope is limitless. To exploit these markets however, the most fundamental thing you need to do, is watch the game. There are multiple bookmakers that readily offer Live Rugby streams on their sites.

Best Bookmakers for Rugby Betting

In an industry with multiple bookmakers claiming to offer the best services, finding the right one for rugby betting becomes tough. However, if done right, it could distinctively preserve your bankroll. In the most general sense, punters look for the following things when choosing a bookmaker for their Rugby betting campaign:

  • Selection of Rugby Betting Markets (i.e handicap betting in Rugby)
  • High Rugby Betting Odds
  • Best Rugby Betting Tips
  • Live Streams and In-play markets
  • Promotional Offers (Welcome bonuses, free bets)

Additionally, they also look at how easy it is to use their sites interface, experience and whether or not they are licensed by a regulatory body.

Betway is a highly recommended bookmaker that offers the best and the most reliable rugby betting odds. It also has some great In-play rugby betting options as well however, it doesn’t provide live streams to support them. To enjoy free live rugby streams, check out Bet365 who incidentally, are known to offer the widest selection of rugby betting markets including In-play betting markets. Additionally, Handicap betting is very popular in Rugby and William Hill is known to provide punters with the best handicap options.

An important factor to consider when choosing a bookmaker is their promotional activity. Many bookmakers offer free bets and welcome bonuses and punters readily exploit these services to get some additional bank when placing wagers. To make the most out of your rugby betting campaign, it is recommended that you assess the bookmakers on their promotional offers and then choose the best one.

The Best Rugby Leagues for Betting

Rugby offers a multitude of different competitions with many online bookmakers covering the most popular Rugby Tournaments and Championships.

On the International forefront, the three most popular rugby tournaments are:

  • The Rugby Union World Cup – The biggest rugby tournament and held once every four years. It consists of 20 International rugby teams, pooled into 4 groups of five with the top 2 teams from each group advancing to the knockout stages. The competition is very popular among punters as it generates high odds due to the prestige associated with it. You can find the best Rugby Union World Cup betting tips on ProTipster. Check them out to improve your rugby world cup predictions.
  • The Six Nations – Is held annually and pits the top six rugby nations of the Northern Hemisphere including England, France, Scotland, Italy, Wales and Ireland against each other. The tournament is played in a round-robin format. You can find the best Six Nations betting tips on ProTipster.
  • The Rugby Championship – Is the Southern Hemisphere equivalent of six nations. Participating teams include New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Argentina. Each team plays the other twice (home and away) and the team with the most points at the end of it, wins the championship. Check out the best Rugby Championship tips at ProTipster.

On the Domestic Forefront meanwhile, we have:


The rugby league along with the rugby union is one of the two codes of Rugby. The National Rugby League (NRL) and the Super league are its two Premier Club Competitions.

The National Rugby League is a league based out of Australia and comprising its men’s rugby teams. The teams (16 in total) compete for the Telstra premiership. The NRL is the most viewed rugby league club competition in the world. ProTipster offers you the best NRL betting tips, check them out to make successful NRL predictions. The Super League meanwhile, is the top-tier rugby club competition in the Northern Hemisphere. It comprises of 12 teams (11 from England and 1 from France). At ProTipster, you can find the best Super League betting tips , check them out to make your super league betting profitable.


Super Rugby is the Rugby Union’s Southern Hemisphere equivalent of the Super League. It currently comprises of 15 teams from: Australia (4 teams), South Africa (4 teams), Argentina (1 team), New Zealand (5 teams) and Japan (1 team). Follow The Tipsters at Protipster, to get the best Super Rugby Tips and make your Super Rugby Predictions successfully.