About Us

“We're not here to help you get rich. We simply think everyone can be a Tip-Star”

We'd love to promise you that you can bash the bookies, defy the odds and make your millions on sports betting, but we know that we can't do that.

What we can promise you is the best and the most entertaining community to post, share and trade betting tips with other tipsters, while challenging them by our tipping tournaments or by creating your own.

It's free to sign up – either make an account or sign in with your social media credentials.

Once logged in, you will receive 1000 ProTipster Coins for free and you will get more every 24 hours. You can use these Coins to post your tips or unlock tips of other members. You will earn more Coins each time you win a tip, depending on the odds of the outcome. You can buy Coins at reasonable prices if you run out of them, or win them in custom or house challenges.

Each tip on our platform is automatically priced depending on the rank of the posting member. You will need Coins to unlock other member’s tips. We offer Premium to those who want to unlock all tips at ProTipster without the hassle of buying Coins. These revenues are not only for us – we share 70% of the money we make from Premium subscriptions with our members so we support the popular tipsters and help them make money at Protipster.com.

In short, tipsters do not get a cut from Coins that are “paid” to unlock their tips but they can make real money at ProTipster depending on how popular their tips are.

You can also unlock tips from other members with ProTipster Coins (Ptc), and soon you will be able to request tips from specific competitions.

Why ProTipster?

How does it work?

You can decide if you want to share your tips for free or with a price tag (paid).

If you post paid content:

There is more to come too as we build user interaction – keep your eyes peeled for future developments.

Who are we?

We're a team of sports enthusiasts, developers and entrepreneurs who have realised that the betting information market needed a real-time marketplace – and have built ProTipster to satisfy that need.

ProTipster Ltd
Floor 5, 115A, Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara, BKR 9024, Malta
Reg no: C 65598

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