About Us

“We're not here to help you get rich.”

We'd love to promise you that you can bash the bookies, defy the odds and make your millions on sports betting, but we know that we can't do that.

What we can promise you is the best marketplace to post, share and trade tips with other tipsters.

It's free to sign up – either make an account or sign in with your social media credentials.

Once logged in, you can see free tips posted by other members and post free tips of your own.

Soon you will be able to buy and sell paid tips with other members with ProTipster Coins (Ptc), and request tips from specific competitions.

Why is ProTipster Unique?

How does it work?

Soon you will be able to decide if you want to share your tips for free or with a price tag (paid).

If you post paid content:

There is more to come too as we build user interaction – keep your eyes peeled for future developments.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who thought that the betting information market deserves a real-time marketplace, and we tasked ourselves with making one for you.