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Ligue 1 tips

Are you on the hunt for Ligue 1 tips and predictions? During the Ligue 1 season you will find literally hundreds of football tips for Ligue 1 games on this page. All tips are rated on a scale from 0 to 10 to help users find the best tips they need to boost their betting profits.

How to find the best Ligue 1 tips

Ligue 1 is the top division of professional football in France, and consists of 20 teams from throughout France including continental giants Paris St-Germain, Monaco and Marseille. Monaco compete in Ligue 1 despite being based in a separate country (the Principality of Monaco) and have won the title eight times including the 2016/17 title. Teams play 38 games in a season that runs from August until May, with games mostly taking place of a weekend. However, with the rise of televised football there are increasing numbers of games taking place throughout the week, offering more daily opportunities for Ligue 1 tips. Matches become available for tips 72 hours prior to kick off – however the best time to find tips is closer to the start of a game as most tipsters like to check on things like player injuries and potential lineups before they post their tips. There are also live Ligue 1 tips available while matches are in progress. Users need to be quick to act on these as odds can fluctuate rapidly during a game.

Ligue 1 tips and ProTipster

All tips posted on ProTipster are individually rated on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 indicating that a tip has a very good chance of winning. Tips are rated objectively by an algorithm which takes into account the past performance of a tipster, focusing on factors such as previous performance in the same betting market, with the same teams and the same tournaments. The algorithm then assigns a score to each tip, making it easier for users to identify the tips they want without having to wade through a ream of difficult to understand statistics. This is also useful for tipsters. All of this information is fed back, enabling tipsters to see where they perform best and to adjust their tipping strategy accordingly. With our assistance feature it’s even possible to identify which matches a tipster is mostly to post a winning tip. Register today to begin your ProTipster journey and boost your betting profits.