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Green Bay Packers will win the match

odds +100
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Kansas City Chiefs will win the match

odds -149
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Kansas City Chiefs will win the match

odds -149
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American Football Betting Picks and Predictions

American Football Betting

Whilst the sport maybe lacking on the Global stage, American football is the most prominent of the top 4 US sports (including baseball, basketball and ice hockey) and naturally invokes a large amount of betting interest among the US punters. American football also sees extreme popularity at college level and with over 100 teams playing First Division NCAA football, some would go as far as to say that it’s the second biggest sports attraction in the US after professional American football itself. Online bookmakers available in the industry, are aware of this level of interest and readily offer the best American football markets along with the best betting tips and odds for you to combine with your knowledge and improve your American football betting.

At ProTipster, which is a community of professional Tipsters, we offer you the best American football betting tips. You can check them out to get the best American football tips that will help you in your quest of earning money through American football prediction.

American Football Odds

American football included, betting in any sport requires you to have a concise understanding of the betting odds. Knowing how to calculate American football odds coupled with knowing what influences them, will help you make informed bets and pave the way for long term success in American football betting.

American football odds are represented in three formats namely Fractional, Decimal and Moneyline odds and whilst moneyline remains the most familiar format amongst American football punters in the US, decimal and fractional odds formats are much more easily understood. In order to evaluate your returns and thereby increase your betting profits, it is important you know how to calculate these odds with respect to whatever format they may be available to you in. Check out ProTipster’s article titled betting odds calculator to understand how fractional, decimal and moneyline odds are read and calculated.

In addition to this, it is important you know what influences these odds. Bookmakers factor in multiple things when deciding odds and some of the more general factors include:

  • Respective Team form and Team strength – Bookmakers decide favorites/underdogs in terms of power rankings, squad quality. Additionally, they have access to powerful analytical tool that help them assess past performances. They also factor in previous Head to Head results.
  • Home field advantage – Home field advantage is subjective to a specific team’s performance at home. Some teams are synonymous to home victories over a long term while others showcase this advantage over a smaller sample of home games. Many Bookmakers realize this trend and make sure they keep this in mind when making odds on a particular game.
  • Team/ Coach Characteristics- Some teams may have a stronger offensive line players, while others have a solid defensive line players. Teams mostly play to their strengths but depending on the opposition, may also choose to play on the oppositions weakness. Bookmaker’s factor this in and also the tactical preferences of the coaches, when making odds.
  • Injuries and Suspensions- Bookmakers keep themselves updated with all the latest team news. For example, if a team is missing their star quarterback due to suspension or injury, they will factor it in when deciding odds for that game.

It is also important to know that bookmakers never give full value to the odds they provide and always adjust them to get a profit margin. It is up to you to identify the value in your bet by implementing your American football knowledge. In simple terms, you find value in a bet when your own assessed probability of an event is higher than what the bookmaker’s odds implicate. Identifying value betting opportunities could be crucial in your quest for earning consistent profits in American football betting.

Different bookmakers offer different odds which are subject to their own evaluations. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important that you choose a bookmaker that gives you the best odds. ProTipster offers odds comparison for multiple online bookmakers. You can analyze them and choose the best option.

How to Bet on American Football

American football’s intricate gameplay allows you to place a variety of different bets. Bookmakers from across the world, exploit this intricacy and offer a wide selection of American football betting markets for punters to utilize. Some of the most popular betting markets include:

  • Point Spread – Arguably the most popular and traditional betting market in American football, Point Spread, is known to dictate American Football wagering. Also known as a betting lines or Handicap betting, point spread is an estimated margin given to a game by the bookmakers and bettors try to predict that side of the margin under which the result may fall. For example, say there’s a game between the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys. The dolphins are at +4.5 (1.9) to win, meanwhile the Cowboys are at -4.5 (1.9). In this case, since the cowboys are at -4.5, they are favorites to win whereas the dolphins are the underdogs with +4.5. The point spread in question here is 4.5 either side of the Cowboys. If you bet on the Cowboys winning, then in order for your bet to be a winner, the cowboys must beat the dolphins by 5 points and if you bet on the dolphins, then your bet wins if the Dolphins either win the match or not lose by 5 points.
  • Over and Under Points Market- In this market, you bet on total number of points. Bookmakers set a certain number as total of points that they believe will be scored in a match. The bettors try and predict whether the number of points scored will surpass or fall under the number set by the bookmakers. Keep in mind that total points would mean the combined score of both teams in that match.
  • Football Moneylines – A straightforward type of bet where you simply bet on the final result of the match (including over time). In Moneylines, it’s important to know that you will see both low and high odds in this market, subject to how favored one team is over the other.
  • American Football Outrights- Future/ Outright betting market is where you directly bet on the winner of a league or tournament. Outrights are extremely popular in American football betting as multiple competitions at both professional and college level, are available for you to bet on. The SuperBowl is the biggest event to bet on in Professional American Football and gets the best and the most reliable odds. The NCAA National Championship meanwhile, is the biggest event to bet on at college level football.
  • Teaser Bets – This bet is a variation of both the point spread and total points markets. It allows you to change the line in your favor. For example, if the Seahawks are at a spread of -9.5, with a teaser of 6 (the general teaser value), you’ll be able to back them at a -3.5 spread. Bear in mind, that this advantage comes with a price and the odds offered in this market are extremely low.
  • The above betting markets are unquestionably the most popular and the most prominent however, side markets such as First Touchdown Scorer (betting on the player you think will get the first touchdown) and Winning Margin (betting on the point gap between the two teams at the end of the match) are also available to bet on.

Knowing the American football betting markets, will help you assess the sheer variety of different bets you can place in it but in order to be successful long term, it’s important you understand when to play what markets and create a betting strategy that encompasses your game knowledge along with your understanding of the American betting markets and odds. For example, we know that Teaser bets offer low odds and therefore yield low profits, but a good tip to be successful with these type of bets, is to use them in Parlays of two or three selections. Parlays work like accumulators and will combine all your selections into one bet to give you higher odds and thereby a chance to earn more money.

You can get more tips like these from the Tipsters at Protipster. Follow their predictions and get the best American football betting tips.

American Football Live Betting

Nowadays every sport, extensively offers in play betting options and American football is no different. In play betting in American football has become increasingly popular with many bookmakers believing that they generate almost as much volume as pre game betting markets. In play betting or live betting truly transcends your expectations of betting in the sport betting industry. Its popularity stems from its ability to give you the distinct advantage of betting on a match as it is being played. This allows the bettor to make informed bets. Additionally, the odds keep shifting in in-play betting and so it allows fast cash outs to earn quick profits or restrict losses for when you find yourself in a good position on your bet.

In American football, Moneylines continue to be popular in In-play betting as odds tend to shift depending on the happenings of the games at times. Markets are available to bet almost until a team is extremely certain to win the game. Along with Moneylines, Quarterlines, where you bet on the winner after the first quarter and 1st Half lines, where you predict the winner after the first two quarters, are a good live betting markets to place wagers in. Additionally, Halftime Lines, in which you place a bet at halftime to predict the outcome of the second half, is also a popular in-play betting market.

There’s no point to live betting, if you are not watching the game you want to bet on and so having access to the best American football live streams, is of utmost importance. Many ProTipster affiliated bookmakers provide their users with free American football live streams although in order have access to them, you would have to meet their respective requirements.

Post your own American Football Betting Tips

Did you know you can boost your long term betting profits just by posting American football tips on ProTipster? The ProTipster algorithm rates tips based on various factors of a tipster’s performance, with this data then fed back to tipsters. This data can show a tipster which betting markets and teams they perform best with, helping them to understand their own betting trends and biases. The more American football tips a user posts on ProTipster, the more data that then becomes available for analysis, and the more accurate insights will be. Below you will find more arguments why you should post your own american football betting tips:

  • Test betting strategies without risking real money
  • Improve your betting skills
  • Discover different betting markets
  • Control your betting statistics and focus on best sports and markets you are good at!


Best Bookmakers for American Football Betting

American Football is the most prominent sport in the US and therefore gets a plethora of betting action within the US betting markets. Many bookmakers from across the world, especially the ones based out of US, provide the best American football betting lines, betting tips and betting odds. Keep in mind however that online betting is banned in the US, so choosing US bookmakers for sport betting is strictly not recommended as they are not authorized by any legitimate Licensing body. Apart from this, choosing the right bookmaker in terms of assessing the services they offer, is extremely important to forge a long term career in American football betting. The most general things, punters look for when they choose a bookmaker for betting in American football include:

  • Selection of American football Betting Markets
  • Best American football tips and High American football odds
  • Live streams to Support In-Play markets
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Customer Service

At ProTipster we showcase a number of affiliated bookmakers that provide the best betting tips and offer a wide selection of American football betting lines and reliable odds. You should compare each of them, analyze and choose accordingly. Incidentally, you can also check out opinions, reviews and learn more about these bookmakers on ProTipster by clicking here.

Getting the best odds is essential to maximize your American football betting profits. Bet365 and William Hill are known to provide high odds on American football games. Also check out 888 Sport who boast a large selection of American football betting markets. To get the best in play experience, you can visit Bet365. They offer a wide range of in play betting markets along with free American football live streams.

Many bookmakers also offer welcome bonuses and free bets as part of their promotional activities and in order to make the most out of your American football betting experience, you must readily explore and exploit these offers. Welcome bonuses are a great incentive for new bettors to place wagers with some extra bank, provided by the bookmaker.

The Best American Football Leagues for Betting

Betting in American football is popular amongst punters due to the sport being widespread across the US and other regions of North America. There are multiple American football tournaments / leagues both on a professional and college front for bettors to bet on. Some of the most prominent and popular American football competitions are as follows:


The National football league (NFL), is America’s most elite professional football league. A regular NFL season is played over 17 weeks where each of its 32 teams plays 16 times (8 home, 8 away) on a weekly basis. In addition to this, these 32 teams are equally divided into two conferences namely the National football Conference (NFC) and the American football Conference (AFC). The 16 teams in each conference, are further divided into divisions in groups of four based on their geographical regions (East, West, North, South). This level of intricacy, opens up many opportunities for outright betting where you can potentially bet on the four Division winners and the Conference Champions. Most NFL games are, played on a Sunday but you could also catch regular American football action on Monday and Thursday evenings. Check out ProTipster for the best NFL tips and predictions along with the best American football tips for this weekend.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is regarded as the main event of NFL Football and is arguably the most popular event to bet on in Professional American football. Super Bowl is played between the two winners of the Conference Championships who are decided by The NFL playoffs between the top six teams in each conference. The Super bowl is extremely popular among punters as it generates the best and the most reliable odds. ProTipster has a number of bookmakers that offer the best Super Bowl betting odds. You can check them and yield high returns on your Super Bowl Betting.


The Canadian Football League or CFL, is the marquee competition in Canadian Football. The league consists of nine teams, divided into four divisions based on their geographical locations. The top six teams (the four division winners and two wildcards), enter the playoffs to try and win The Grey Cup, the highest honor in Canadian Football. You can find the latest and best CFL tips on ProTipster. Have a look at these to improve your winning chances on your CFL predictions.