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Cricket Betting

A sport that has been subjected to constant change over the years, cricket, is regarded as the oldest sport in existence and one of the most prominent sports in the world. Amidst all the change, however, it’s relation with betting has remained constant. Right from the 16th century where the sport saw its first wager to now having in-play betting available, cricket and betting have gone hand-in-hand. Some even believe that betting was an integral part of the sport’s growth and development. A testament to the amount of betting interest it attracts, cricket is currently the second most-watched sport in the world. With three different formats of play, multiple tournaments available and various bookmakers providing the best cricket odds, betting markets and cricket betting tips, the cricket betting industry is ever booming and provides a great opportunity for beginners and experienced punters alike, to delve into cricket prediction and make it profitable.

ProTipster is a community that includes tipsters who specialize in providing punters with free Cricket betting tips. You can check their stats and follow their predictions here.

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Cricket Odds

Along with access to the best Cricket tips, a good grasp of the cricket betting odds is essential and a thorough understanding of the probability expressed in these betting odds will help you enhance your chances of being profitable over a long term. Cricket betting odds are generally displayed in decimal form and are easy to comprehend. For example, If India is at 1.67 to win a match and you place a stake of 10$ on India winning the match, then the profit you make can be calculated as follows: (stake x decimal odds) – stake, which in this case equates to (10 x 1.67) – 10 and leaves you with a profit of 6.7$. There are multiple factors that the bookmakers take into consideration when making cricket odds influence cricket betting odds, a few of which include:

  • Venue, Ground and Pitch conditions
  • Home team (teams playing at home, tend to do better than ) 
  • Weather conditions (different conditions favour different aspects of the game 
  • Respective forms of teams playing (recent results, head to head record)
  • Strength of respective teams (Team sheets, favorite, underdog)
  • Format of the game (Test, ODI or T20)
  • Coin toss

Apart from these, multiple other factors influence odds especially when live betting markets come into play and when you play Individual player markets such as Leading run-scorer and leading wicket taker. 

Another aspect you could explore when looking at cricket betting odds is value betting. Identifying bet-value could be crucial in aiding your quest to make a profit on a consistent basis. Simply put, your bet has value when your assessed probability of an event’s likelihood, is higher than the likelihood presented in the Bookmaker’s odds. Value is calculated as follows: (decimal odds x your assessed probability) -1. If value is greater than 0, then you have betting value which means the bet will yield a profit and if it’s less than 0, then there is no value to that bet and you must avoid placing it. Keep in mind that assessing your own probability for an event, is not as easy as it sounds. It requires hard work and in-depth knowledge of the sport and the betting markets. In addition to this, a bookmaker will never offer odds at full value.  Identifying your betting value is tough, but not impossible and if done right, it can make you extremely profitable in cricket betting or any other sport betting for that matter. 

Each bookmaker provides its own odds and so an odds comparison is essential. At ProTipster, we provide you with a number of high-quality bookmakers. You can check them out, compare and choose the bookmaker that gives you the best cricket odds for cricket match betting.

How to bet on Cricket

Making accurate cricket predictions requires you to know the rules of the game and how the game works in relation to the available cricket betting markets. Cricket is played in three different formats which are as follows:

  • Test cricket: The oldest and the most traditional of the three formats. Played over 5 days, 15 sessions (morning, afternoon and evening) and has three possible outcomes (win, loss and draw).
  • One Day Internationals (ODI): Limited overs format. Teams get one inning, 50 overs each. Possible outcomes: Win, loss 
  • T20: Limited overs. One inning, 20 overs each. Possible outcomes: Win, Loss

When betting in cricket, you must know that different formats have their own intricacies and so cannot be approached with an identical betting strategy. For example, test cricket gives you a variety of different conditions which constantly influence the course of the match but also offers you time to build a game plan. ODI which is a limited over format, is better preferred by the spectators and naturally attracts more coverage and boasts a better selection of cricket betting markets. ODIs also bring field restrictions and Day-night matches (the second innings is played under floodlights) into play. Meanwhile, the T20 format which is even further limited in terms of a number of overs, is a format designed for maximizing entertainment in the form of scoring quick boundaries and are generally played on flat pitches with shorter boundaries in place. In order to be successful, you must take these aspects into consideration and create an authentic betting strategy with respect to the format of the game. 

There is a tremendous selection of available Cricket betting markets and most bookmakers are providing them. Some of the most popular betting markets are as follows:

  • Match Outcome/Series Winner – Arguably the most popular and the most straightforward market. At cricket match betting you win when you predict correctly, the team who wins the match. You can also bet on the exact series score (ex: 3-2 to Australia)
  • Leading Runscorer/Wicket Taker- This one is popular in terms of being very profitable as multiple trends are available for you to identify. Again pretty straightforward, you bet on the batsmen/ bowler who you think would get the highest runs/take most wickets during an innings, match or series.
  • Highest opening Partnership- Very standard, but gives you the opportunity to identify trends.
  • Man of the match - Where you look at batsmen who are known to make quick-fire runs or bowlers capable of dangerous spells basically the X-factor
  • No of Boundaries - This is a growing market where multiple things can come into consideration like team sheets (which team has more batsmen with an explosive mindset), the ground (shorter boundaries, located at higher altitudes)
  • Another interesting and constantly growing cricket betting market is Batsmen contest, where two batsmen either from the same team or opposite teams respectively, are pitted against each other or judged on runs scored and number of sixes.

Apart from these there are multiple other interesting betting markets that become more relevant under In-play Cricket betting. 

Knowing the most popular and upcoming betting markets is important in Cricket betting but, equally important is devising a betting Strategy. Here are some essential things you may want to consider when creating your strategy:

  •  Researching: The conditions, Pitch, Ground and Venue – External factors such as these influence no other sport as much as they do Cricket. It is important to learn what weather and pitch conditions benefit/harm which aspects of the game and how. Ground history and venue is also important as some grounds behave in a traditional way. For example: Lords is a traditionally slow pitch, so high score totals are very rarely achieved on it.
  • Toss – Toss has a huge impact on the overall result of the game so a tip would be to avoid placing any bets before the toss is completed.
  • Researching: Form of Teams and Players – Look at cricket stats websites, some of the best ones include ESPN Cricinfo, Cricbuzz,

Incidentally, ProTipster offers an amazing collection of articles on multiple sports and the initial steps to be taken when betting on them. Click here to access articles about betting strategy.

Cricket Live Betting

In-play betting or live betting is one of the most popular forms of betting with multiple bookmakers offering in play betting markets on their sites. In play allows you to place bets during the course of the match. In Live betting, the odds keep shifting. The skill here is to identify the trend, pick out this change and use it you your advantage. Cricket is perfect for live betting due to its lengthy duration which gives you ample time to identify betting opportunities. For example, in test cricket, the market is over reactive where in you can get high odds for an event that was unlikely just few overs ago. Similarly, in ODIs, odds shift when fielding team captain decides to bowl his lesser bowlers as more runs tend to get scored in those instances. 

Runs from Next Delivery and Method of Dismissal are examples of two in-play Cricket betting markets. In the former, you place your bets ball by ball and wager on the total runs scored from that delivery whilst in the latter, you wager on the way the next wicket may fall. Another good In-play Cricket betting market is Handicap betting .Often when we see a miss-match between teams and/or when a team takes a strong advantage during the course of the game, the game becomes one sided. Handicap betting markets come into play during such a scenario and helps with keeping punters interested in the game. In addition to this, Win Index is also an interesting side market in In-play Cricket betting where you bet on a Team or player to under or over perform the total point’s tally that the bookmaker allots them. This market keeps refreshing during the course of the game. Apart from these, fall of next wicket (not to be confused by Method of dismissal) and Session runs (runs scored in one session of a Test match) are notable in play Cricket betting markets.

The In-play betting market is readily establishing itself as the most popular form of betting and with cricket, it finds its true potential. In order to exploit this, you must have the best access to these live markets which is through live streams. There are multiple bookmakers that offer cricket live streams.

What requirements you have to meet to watch bookmaker live streams for free? Usually bookmakers require user to have registered account and funds available on the account. Some bookmakers allow free live stream services only for users who made a minimum bet within last 24 hours. As you can see, the requirements are easy to meet, and wide selection of broadcasted games creates better betting experience for punters. We recommend you watch live tennis streams at:

Best Bookmakers for Cricket Betting

There are many bookmakers that offer a wide range of cricket betting markets and provide its user with the best cricket odds, cricket tips and other amenities. Choosing the right bookmaker is very tricky but important because opening multiple accounts with different bookmakers is not ideal and therefore not an option. Generally, a bookmaker is assessed on its ability to offer its users the following (in relation to the sport of cricket):

  • Good Selection of cricket betting markets
  • High and reliable cricket odds
  • In-play value and Live streams on Cricket matches
  • Welcome bonuses and Free Bets 

If you want to maximize your earnings through cricket betting, then getting the best and the most reliable cricket odds becomes increasingly important. Many bookmakers claim to provide the best cricket odds but these odds are not identical. They differ with each bookmaker as they are subject to that particular bookmaker’s own assessment.  At ProTipster, we have multiple bookmakers that provide the best odds for cricket match prediction of your choice. You should analyze them all and choose the right bookmaker that provides you with the best cricket tips and cricket odds for you to bet on.

ProTipster affiliated bookmakers, William Hill, Bet365 and Betway are few of the leading cricket bookmakers that offer the best selections of cricket betting markets, best cricket tips and the best cricket odds. In addition to this, William Hill provides the best live streams to watch cricket and participate in its In-play cricket betting. Bet365, on the other hand, is known for its sign up bonuses and other promotional offers like free bets.

Incidentally, you can check out opinions, reviews and learn more about these bookmakers by clicking here.

The Best Cricket Leagues for Betting

In cricket, Both International and Domestic markets are available for you to place bets in. Some of the most famous cricket tournaments and series are as follows:


  •  The Ashes, is the most famous test series and is played between Australia and England. It takes place every 4 years. Its popularity amongst punters naturally yields some of the best betting odds.
  • Basil D’ Oliveira Trophy ( England vs South Africa ) and the Border Gavaskar ( India vs Australia) are two other test series, relatively popular amongst cricket punters.


  • The ICC Cricket World cup is the most important event in ODI cricket and the flagship event of ICC’s International Cricket calendar that happens once every four years. It is the most viewed cricket event sand naturally very popular amongst betters with betting tips readily available during the year it commences. ProTipster is a community of professional tipsters and the best bookmakers available in the betting industry, who offer the best tips and odds on Cricket World cup betting.
  • ICC Champions Trophy is the other major ODI tournament powered by the ICC. It happens every two years. The top 8 ICC ranked teams, participate in this tournament.


  • When it comes to 20-over cricket, the ICC T20 World cup and the Indian Premier League powered by the Board of control for cricket in India, are the two most-watched competitions. Both competitions are extremely popular amongst betters with multiple bookmakers providing a wide selection of betting markets for these competitions. 
  • Apart from being a 20 –over competition which in itself is an exciting format for cricket betting markets, IPL’s brand value in terms of its teams having independent franchise owners and its recruitment structure in terms of Player auctions is what makes it so attractive for a domestic league. In addition to this, IPL is broadcasted across many countries which opens up opportunities for punters living outside of India to watch, follow and place bets on its matches.

With respect to domestic cricket, First Class/A-List cricket and County Championship are two notable cricket competitions that are popular to bet on. You can find live cricket odds on these competitions with a number of leading bookmakers. On ProTipster you may also find cricket match prediction for these games.