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NFL Betting Picks and Predictions

NFL Picks

Looking for the best NFL Picks? It’s easier than ever to find the NFL picks you want for your online betting needs using ProTipster. All tips are individually rated by our smart algorithm to help you find which tips are most likely to win.

How to find great NFL Picks

The National Football League is made up of 32 teams, who are divided into two conferences (the AFC and the NFC), with each conference divided into four divisions of four teams. The NFL season runs from the second week of September until the week after Christmas – 17 weeks in all. There are 16 games for each team, with one week off. If you’re on site during the season – then you’ll see a list of NFL picks for each game. Most games take place towards the end of the week – Thursday until Monday – so these are the best days to check for NFL picks. Users can post NFL picks up to three days before kick off but many tipsters tend to leave it until the last minute. The four division winners in each conference plus two wild card winners in each conference play in a post-season series of matches called “the playoffs”, with the winners of each conference meeting in the Super Bowl to determine the overall champions. Of course, we have NFL picks for these games too to help you to boost your online betting profits. These games tend to be on a Saturday or Sunday night so it’s best to check at the weekend for the tips you want.

How NFL Picks work on ProTipster

We offer a variety of markets for tips so there should be a good variety of NFL picks for you to choose from for each game. The most common tips are for the “moneyline” market. This is where the bookmakers will have decided the handicap for the game. Bets will be either on one team to win by a certain number of points, or the other team to not lose by the same number of points. We also offer NFL picks for markets like total number of points in a period of a game, and straight 12X betting for those who like to keep things simple. All tips are rated from 0 to 10 to help you find the best tips – tips with a higher score are rated as better by our algorithm. Use these tips to boost your betting profits and win more money!