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What is Bet Builder? Bet Builder Tips and Advices

What is Bet Builder? Bet Builder Tips and Advices

Bet Builder is a sportsbook feature that is fast becoming very popular among punters. While those who use Bet Builder today usually use it to wager on football, some bookmakers also allow the feature to be used on other sports like basketball, NFL football, and cricket. 

The main function of Bet Builder is to allow punters to create an accumulator within the same match. You can make multiple selections from an assortment of same-game betting markets. For instance, you could wager on the number of corners in a match with the number of cards handed out. You could create a Bet Builder that includes the Over/Under along with an Anytime Goalscorer and the moneyline winner. 

Most bookmakers that offer the Bet Builder feature have some kind of Bet Builder icon in the betting menu to indicate that the feature is available for that bet. The betslip will notify you if you place two conflicting wagers on the same ticket. For instance, it won’t let you place the wager if you accidentally chose both teams on the moneyline or if you inadvertently wagered both sides of the total.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Like almost anything else related to sports betting, a Bet Builder has certain advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages include:

  • Get High Odds
  • Create Unique Betting Opportunities
  • Combine Favorable Prop Bets
  • It’s Fun

Of course, there are a few downsides to using this feature such as:

  • Higher Betting Margins
  • Lower Bet Limits
  • Only Available for a Limited Number of Sports
  • Bet Builders Usually Don’t Contribute to Bonus Wagering Requirements

How is Bet Builder Different from Accumulators?

The main difference between Bet Builder and accumulators is that bookmakers seldom allow you to place multiple selections from the same match on a single ticket. This is especially true when some of those selections are related. Try building an accumulator with, say, the Man United moneyline and an exact score of Man United to win 2-0. It won’t work in most cases. However, you’ll be able to make these selections if you were to use the Bet Builder.

Another difference is the number of available betting markets. While accumulators can have a full spectrum of different selection types, Bet Builder betting markets are usually a bit thinner. The number of selections also varies. While an accumulator can have 20 or more selections on it, bookmakers tend to limit the number of selections on Bet Builders. Many Bet Builder bookies cap the number of selections at 12 or fewer. Still, those odds can really add up!

Bet Builder Rules

The rules for using the Bet Builder feature vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. One bookie might allow you to make up to 10 selections while another bookmaker sets the selection limit at 5. Some online sportsbooks only offer the feature for football wagering while others extend it to other sports like Aussie rules, tennis, and basketball. 

One rule that almost all bookmakers implement is only allowing pre-match selections. Few if any bookmakers allow punters to use Bet Builder in conjunction with Cash Out or other early payout offers. Another common bookmaker practice is to void/push Bet Builder bets if one of the selections on the ticket is voided or pushed.

We strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Bet Builder rules that apply at your bookmaker. You will probably come across a few handy Bet Builder tips too.

Best Bookmakers with the Bet Builder Feature

Almost all major international bookmakers offer Bet Builder today. While the exact steps you need to take to place a Bet Builder may vary slightly depending on the sportsbook, the flow is generally the same and it’s easy to do. Here are a few of the best online sportsbooks for making a Bet Builder:

Bet365 Bet Builder


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You can create a Bet Builder for multiple sports including American football at Bet365. To build yours, select the match you would like to wager on. You can then select the “Bet Builder” option near the top of the betting menu and then hit the “Start Building” button. You then choose your betting market and make your selection. Once the pick is added to the Bet Builder, simply keep on adding more selections from other markets until you’re happy with your ticket and accumulated odds. Enter the wager amount and submit the bet.

888sport Bet Builder


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4.21 4.21 stars

888sport’s Bet Builder feature is pretty much the same as it is at Bet365. Find the match you are looking for and then hit the “Bet Builder” tab at the top of the betting menu. Slap the “Start Building Now” button and create your masterpiece. When it’s finished, simply enter your wager amount and submit the bet.

William Hill #YourOdds


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4.18 4.18 stars

William Hill’s Bet Builder process is a little different. First of all, it is called #YourOdds. Find your match and select the #YourOdds button to see requests that have been accepted. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can go to William Hill’s Twitter page and propose your Bet Builder wager using the hashtag YourOdds. William Hill will look at the request before approving it and adding it to the list of accepted requests.

Bet Builder Tips FAQ

What is a Bet Builder?

A Bet Builder is like an accumulator except that it involves two or more selections from the same match.

How does Bet Builder work?

While there may be some minor differences depending on which bookie you use, Bet Builders generally follow the same scenario. You select a match that offers the Bet Builder option and then you make your selections. Once you are satisfied with the Bet Builder picks on your betslip, simply enter the wager amount and place the bet.

How to use a football bet builder?

Wagering a football Bet Builder is the same as placing any other Bet Builder wager. Find the football match you want to bet on, and then make your picks from the available Bet Builder betting markets. Enter the stake amount on your betslip and submit the bet. It’s that easy!

Do Bet Builder wagers count toward bonus rollover requirements?

Bet Builders usually do not count toward bonus wagering conditions. However, you may find an exception to this rule. Make sure to check your bookmakers T&Cs regarding use of the Bet Builder feature?

Can I create a Bet Builder using multiple matches?

This depends on the bookie. However, most of them allow you to combine multiple matches on a single Bet Builder ticket.

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