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Live Betting Strategies

Live Betting Strategies

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is getting more and more popular every day.  It’s always exciting to make some money from the match that you already started to watch, but there are also many things you should be careful about to make a profit.

We defined some bullet points for you to achieve that in your live betting experience.

Common Mistakes about Live Betting

1. At first sight, we can easily say all bookmakers offer shorter odds for live betting comparing the pre-game. When the match starts, the odds get lower immediately. So, the first minutes of the games are not the best time for placing live-bets.

2. Don’t judge the match just in few minutes. The game will be played for almost 90 more minutes. If you tend to bet on a team, try not to make sudden decisions after viewing a little part of the game.

3. Don’t chase what you have missed. For example, when you wanted to bet on next goal and unfortunately, the goal is scored before you bet on, the most common mistake is to believe one more goal will be scored just based on your feelings.

4. Decide when you need to stop. Especially for goal bets, if the match is played with a high-tempo you can continue to bet on for the next goals will be scored. If you can’t find where you need to stop, you'll eventually lose.

What are the best strategies for in-play betting?

1. Before the match starts, create potential bets in your mind for different scenarios. For example, check the teams’ goal-scoring minutes for upcoming fixtures. If you notice that teams are scoring goals later in the match, and you have a low scoring game, it can be the best match you are looking for!

2. You can win a lot by comebacks from favorites. If the favorites scoring record is remarkable, but also they are conceding a lot, the betting opportunity can be there. For example, Arsenal conceded the first goal 5 times in the first ten matches of the 2018/2019 season, but they just lost 2 of these matches.

3. Favorites can’t win always. Yes, it’s a bit strange to state just the opposite than above, but we should also need to mention that. You should analyze the teams and watch the match if you can. The most common behavior is, especially for the last minutes of the game, betting on favorite if they are not leading already, but maybe doing just the opposite will be more logical. Every match is different from the other so your behaviors shouldn’t be based on they are just the favorite of the clash.


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