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How to get achievements on ProTipster?

How to get achievements on ProTipster?

If you have an account on ProTipster you can develop your tipster profile in many ways. In this article we focus on how to get achievements.

To check your achievements go to the dashboard of your profile. You will see there an icon with a number next to it. The icon represents all achievements and the number says how many of them you have already reached:

User profile main page


Clicking the icon will reveal the achievments you currently have with a link to all achievements:

Tipster profile - KrakenTo see the list of all achievements click on "See All Achievements" link or simply scoll the page down:

Tipster achievements list

Fanatic: to get this badge you need to publish 10 000 tips. Remmember that there is a limit of 50 tips per day. Its easy to calculate that you need 200 days to reach that achievement. Can you do it? If you do then you can call yourself a fanatic :-)

Real Winner: its quite easy to post tips, but is it that easy to win them? Check yourself and if you win 500 of your tips we will reward you with that achievement.

Fearless: are you not scared to place your tips on underdogs?  Thats great and if you post 100 of times you will become fearless.

Loyal: we are gratefull when you stay with us for a longer time. Therefore we give you that achievement if you post tips for 180days. It can be just 1 tip per day and it does not have to be 180 consecutive days.

Family Member: by refering ProTipster to your frineds you help us to grow and develop. That activity needs a special reward and we will treat you as a part of our family. 

To refer a friend simply copy the link from your profile and send it to your friends. If they open it and then sign in to ProTipster they will be counted as your referals:

refer a friendBonus Hunter: Some tipsters like to get free-bets to try different bookmakers. We call them bonus hunters. To get free-bets visit our shop.

Rich: Post winning tips and coupons, win ProTipster Monthly competitions to earn coins. More details on how to earn coins you can find in our article here.

Popular: Be a tipping star and get hundreds of followers. If you attract 500 of them you will get that achievement.

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