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Update Notice for Changes in Tipster Competition

Update Notice for Changes in Tipster Competition

We wanted to inform you about a few changes we are making at Protipster with this article. Please read this carefully and understand what the changes are. These changes will be in effect from 1st January 2022, 00:01 CET.

Tipster Competitions

We got a lot of feedback from you that we should increase the quality of tips at Protipster. As a result, we decided to change the way we run the tipster competitions. Below are the rules that we change:

Max 20 tips per day

Tipsters will be allowed to send 20 tips per day from now on. The rule to send only 2 tips per match remains and those 2 tips must be from different markets. 

All sports combined under a master leaderboard

We will stop rewarding tipsters for each sport and consider the master leaderboard as the final list to determine monthly winners. Leaderboards for each sport will continue to be displayed but this will be only done for informational purposes only.

No cash prizes at the Shop

Winners will not be given Coins and they will not have to purchase cash items at the Shop. Monthly competition winners will have to send an email to [email protected] and claim their reward in BTC (Bitcoin). 

Top 10 Tipsters will be rewarded

Top 10 tipsters will be rewarded with the following cash rewards each month: 

  • 1st: $300
  • 2nd: $200
  • 3rd: $150
  • 4th: $100
  • 5th: $75
  • 6th: $50
  • 7th: $40
  • 8th: $35
  • 9h: $30
  • 10th: $20

Disabling inactive accounts

Protipster will start disabling inactive accounts. 

  1. Inactivity for 90 consecutive days will lead to the expiry of all PTc in the account.
  2. Inactivity means the user did not collect any new PTc 90 days in a row.
  3. Protipster will send a reminder after 80 days of such to the email address of the user account.
  4. If a user does not log in to their Protipster account for 365 consecutive days, this account will be deleted.
  5. Protipster will send reminders on the 350th day of such to the email address of the user account.

What do I have to do now?

You don’t have to do anything and your continued use of Protipster will mean you agree with these changes. If you do not agree with the changes, you are free to cancel your account and stop using Protipster.

Thanks for being a Protipster member and continue tipping with us!

Best of luck with your tips.

Your Protipster team

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