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September Football Competition Winner

September Football Competition Winner

September ended and one more ProTipster competition is over. Winner of the last month’s football competition is our tipster “brain damage” and today he will try to discover us couple of his betting secrets and tricks. Over the course of one month “brain damage” had a 5.2% yield on 608 football tips. Excellent result indeed!

Nice to meet you! Can you tell us how did you find out about ProTipster? What did attract you to our web site?

- I’ve hear about ProTipster from some colleagues at work. They had some kind of internal competition on ProTipster and were comparing their results, so this got me interested. At first I just wanted to compete against my fellow colleagues, so I joined.

Also, I have to say that my friend “topalai” is great Euroleague tipster, so I wanted to follow his tips :)

Do you have a favorite sport? A favorite team?

Obviously, football is my favorite sport, while my favorite team are Juventus.

How do you choose your tips? Do you have any advice for other ProTipsters?

Well, I can only suggest them to bet on teams that are scoring lot of goals.

One more question, do you have some interesting betting anecdote? Some bet which you will never forget? 

Of course I do, as all bettors have. I remember match between Rudar Velenje and Domžale, two Slovenian teams. It was 82nd minute of the match and Domžale were one goal ahead. Still, I had some feeling that Rudar could win and I posted a tip. And indeed, Rudar scored two goals, one in 82nd and one in 88th minute. Rudar won 2-1 and brought me 980 profit. I couldn’t believe. 

Our competitions are still on, so if you’d like to participate, just start posting your tips

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