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ProTipster Yearly Competition Winners ($5000) Revealed!

ProTipster Yearly Competition Winners ($5000) Revealed!

ProTipster yearly competition has ended, and the winners received the ProTipster coins They surpassed 3946 users and became standout tipsters of ProTipster. We awarded 12 ProTipsters (Football, Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey) with total of 50 million coins credited to ProTipsters which is equal to $5000 cash!  Let’s take a look at this a little bit closer. It’s time to analyze these tipsters and how they achieved this success to inspire you for the next competitions. 

football tipster competition winners

Football Yearly Competition Winner - Mustak

Football is the most tipped sport on ProTipster as always, so this area is super competitive for all tipsters. Mustak, the winner of the football competition, demonstrates to us how crucial it is to focus on minor leagues. His favorite tournament to tip is Polish Ekstraklasa, and for Wisla Krakow, he has 80% hit rate with more than 50% yield. It’s insane! When a football tipster stuck on only major European leagues, it’s hard to be profitable. Even Mustak also shows his skills on English Premier League (19,9% yield, 59% hit rate). We will continue to check his tips for the next months. We’re curious about will he continue to be profitable on Ekstraklasa. Can he adapt himself to 19/20 season well? If he loses his perfect form, he earned xx money from us already. So maybe it’s a time of short holiday for him. Unfortunately, if he wants to keep his level, this holiday should be really short!

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tennis tipster competition winners

Tennis Competition Winner - Wtrylika

Our best tennis tipsters posted much more tips than for any other sports! The winner has 8642 tips, and averagely it’s more than 20 tips for a day. Yes, we know it’s crazy, but the crazier thing is being profitable with that many tips. Wtrylika achieved this success with 23012 profit and 3,5% yield. He has a positive ROI from the top-level like Wimbledon to Challenger level. Maybe he knows many tennis players more familiar than his family and his friends. Last note: He is not stopping even for celebrating this moment; he is still tipping on many tennis matches.

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basketball tipster competition winners

Basketball Competition Winner - Kaan2684

We saw the closest competition in basketball in the last days. Until a few days ago the leader of the competition Jr. Smith finished it at the 3rd place.  A disappointing moment for him, but Kaan2684 showed us the importance of determination for tipping. He believed himself until the last days, and he got the first spot at the end! Basketball competition winner has less profit than other sports, so it shows maybe to be expert in basketball can be harder than other sports. Kaan2684 reached his top level at the tournaments of Germany BBL, Euroleague, and Spanish Liga ACB. He is definitely better at European basketball than the NBA. Maybe this year he can focus on the NBA for improving himself. We’re excited to see his performance on Basketball World Cup. 

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ice hockey tipster competition winners

Ice Hockey Competition Winner - MagicWorld

Ice Hockey is less known sport than the other sports on this list. People don’t know how to call “the ball” of Ice Hockey (It’s puck) in some countries. But in some other nations, it’s very popular, and we believe we have some of the best Ice Hockey tipsters on the Internet. MagicWorld, the winner of Ice Hockey competition, is maybe not as excited as other sports winners. Because there are few of Ice Hockey matches in the last two months and he probably started to celebrate his glory earlier than other winners. MagicWorld is not posting his tips only on Ice Hockey. He is also sharing his tips on other sports with ProTipster community, but his most successful outcomes are getting from Ice Hockey by far distance. We’re sure that he is excited about the new KHL season. He has 13,5% yield on this competition with his 80 tips.

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How can I join ProTipster Competitions?

You need to register and start to post your tips from ProTipster homepage, and posting tips is full of fun! We let you share your predictions for six sports. These sports are Football, Basketball, Tennis, American Football, Rugby, and Ice Hockey. 

ProTipster gets their odds from a leader betting company 1xBet. Their odds are always one of the highest on the market. So you will share your tips with ProTipster community from the highest possible odds, and it’s easier to be profitable with these odds. 

August 2019 monthly competition already started and as always we will reward almost 200 tipsters with 25 million ProTipster coins on montly basis. It equals to $2500!

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