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New features released on ProTipster

New features released on ProTipster

ProTipster is a global community of tipsters. Every day, our users publish over 10,000 betting tips, and our algorithm carefully selects the best bets and displays them to users from around the world.

Over a dozen people work on the ProTipster project every day. Each day, we try to make ProTipster a friendlier place for tipsters. Some of the changes are invisible to most users, but today's changes will catch the eye of most ProTipster users.

The ProTipster team carefully listens to users' comments, which is why we decided to improve the functionality of the User Profile.

Displaying the most important tipster statistics

UPP statsFrom today onward in the User Profile, you will find the most important statistics, displayed in the form of a clear graph.

  • Profit
  • Yield
  • Hit rate
  • Number of tips

You can check the overall form of a given tipster in recent months, as well as divide stats into individual sports. This makes it easier to assess which tipster is worth following.

Another important change is the display of "lifetime" results since the first tip posted by a tipster on ProTipster. So far, we have been showing results from last year, which in the case of many users did not fully reflect the statistics of a given tipster.

UPP tipsters stats

ProTipster Competition at your fingertips

Another change concerns the display of the current position of the given tipster in the ProTipster Competitions. Every month we are giving away 2500$ in PRoTipster Coins (PTC's) to the best tipsters in football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball competitions.

You can also check how you are doing in the current Competition, and with just one click you will check your positions in previous months standings.

UPP competition

Badges and Achievements

Gamification (the use of solutions known from computer games) is a very important part of our plans for making ProTipster better place for the users. We will reward users for their actions taken on ProTipster website. An extensive achievement system will be presented to our users in the coming weeks.

If you have comments or suggestions regarding the functioning of ProTipster - please let us know. Your feedback helps us improving ProTipster every day.

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