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Meet Premium Crew: Losovious

Meet Premium Crew: Losovious

We want to introduce you our Premium team. You will meet with professional tipsters in these articles. You will learn what it means to be a professional tipster.
They have some advice for you, and you have many things to get from them if you want to earn more money from betting.
We are starting our series with Losovious who is a great NFL and soccer tipster.

What was your first contact with the sports betting world?
It was purely recreational. It happened some 20 years ago when I was still a teenager when the first betting houses were opened in Croatia. I always liked sports, so it came natural, just to have additional fun watching sports with my friends.

How long have you been working as a tipster?
It’s almost 10 years now. I started with, a professional betting site in Croatia and continued with some other minor sites until I started to work for the ProTipster for a year now.

What does your typical day involve?
Just a lot of sports and statistics in general: watching games, highlights, reading articles and books and working on my statistical and analytical skills. I also actively play bridge, just to sharpen my analytical skills and decision making.

Which sports are your favourite one? Do you specialize in specific leagues?
One just has to, doesn’t he? Obviously, I prefer soccer and American football, with tennis being my third sport. These sports I try to follow very actively, but I’m also very keen on NBA basketball and rugby. I try to follow all the major leagues in these sports, but I also put additional emphasis on five big European soccer leagues and the NFL.

How do you choose tips for ProTipster Premium members?
I try to follow the same pattern every time: I look at games from my appointed leagues and speculate what’ll happen in every one of those events. Then I compare it to the betting odds and see where the value is. Next, I re-evaluate my picks with some statistics and team news. Finally, I come up with a couple I consider to be the best.

What would you say is the biggest challenge you face as a tipster?
Dealing with bad streaks and not losing confidence because it has to come on top. Equally so, not to get carried away with a good streak.

What is your staking method? What is your advice for punters?
First of all, you have to decide are you a recreational or semi-pro to pro punter. This is a big decision for every person to make and it determines everything. If you are a recreational punter, you need not concern yourself with stakes and odds. Just bet on the games you are going to watch and have fun. If you’re going pro, your staking method should be aligned with the value and your betting maximum. If you follow ProTipster, you’ll easily see how the pros do it.

What do you find is the best part of being a tipster, and the worst?
The best part is the process, which involves analytics and deep knowledge of the sport in order to find value. The worst part is the luck, or the so-called random-factor, a thing very noticeable in football.

Which are the bookies where you bet most?
Just as many professional punters do, I prefer Betfair and Pinnacle for the best odds value, and Bet365 for their superior live betting part. So, the combination of those three is almost entirely sufficient.

Any sports betting book you have read and want to recommend?
No, a much better thing is just to work on your analytical and statistical skills. There are a lot of articles online that can prove very helpful.

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