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EURO 2020 Qualifiers Predictions and Betting Tips

EURO 2020 Qualifiers Predictions and Betting Tips

EURO 2020 qualifications are getting to the end. There are only a few more games to play and after next this international weekend, there will be only one more, in November. Some teams have already secured their place in Euro, maybe not mathematically, but the miracle should happen to keep them out of it. For this round, we give you one best bet in each group. Below you will find predictions of upcoming matches, picked by ProTipster expert. Click here to get more EURO 2020 Qualifiers betting tips and predictions.


With a goalless draw against Bulgaria and Czech win over England, Montenegro lost even theoretical chances to qualify. Czech victory messed up the plans of Kosovo, but in this game, they should have no problems. Best Montenegrin players probably won't play, even those who will won't care that much because this campaign was devastating, so Kosovo should secure new three points.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Kosovo – Montenegro, Kosovo to win @ 1.68


The home team conceded only one goal so far, and that was against Luxembourg. On the other hand, Portugal have one of the best defences in the world, they conceded some goals here, but you all know their style. The first game finished 0-0, a point would satisfy both teams and looking for an under seems like a logical option. In a case of exactly 2 goals, half of the bet will be won.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Ukraine – Portugal, Under 2.25 goals @ 1.83


In this game, there is only one question – how big the difference is going to be?  We had some doubts between choosing handicap -3.5 on Germany and over 4 goals, but the second option is better. Germans can relax after scoring a few goals, so Estonia could have some chances to grab a goal. Of course, if Germans start to destroy they should cover both options easily, just like in the first game when they won 8-0.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Estonia – Germany, over 4 goals @1.75


Gibraltar were over 2.5 in 3 of 5 games, but we should take in consideration that all those overs happened when they were destroyed. On the other hand, Georgia were over only 2 times in 6 games The first time was their win 3-0 over Gibraltar, and the second one the heavy 5-1 defeat against Denmark. You should expect a clean sheet for Georgia, and are they able to score 4 goals in the away game to crash this bet? We believe not. 

ProTipster Expert's Tip:  Gibraltar – Georgia, Under 3 goals @ 1.91


Hungary were thrashed by Croatia in their last game, it could be even more because Croatians had 3-0 at the half time and Hungary got a red card. Some important players were missing due to suspension and Hungary simply couldn't do much more. Now those players are back, and this game is „must-win“ for them. The most valuable option is -1.25 – in case of exactly one goal difference, only half of the bet will be lost.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Hungary – Azerbaijan, Hungary AH -1.25 goals @ 1.87


Spanish are practically safe to qualify and we didn't expect much in their last game against Norway. The score was 1-1, and now Swedish must take advantage of such situation. Sweden has much bigger quality than Norway, and the odds for the game are almost the same. We advise you to take handicap option +0.75 Swede, so even in case of a defeat with one goal difference half of the stake will be returned.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Sweden – Spain, Sweden AH +0.75 goals @ 1.84


Poland are on the top of their group, but you could see many complications there if they don't manage to win tonight.  They are the best team in the group by far, but they didn't show they can easily beat their opponents. In 7 games they scored only 11 goals, less than Austria, Slovenia and Israel, and only one more than North Macedonia. But, they conceded only 2, and that's how Poland win games. Only one point from this game would still be good, for the guests it would be huge, so you should expect a defensive based game without many goals.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Poland – North Macedonia, Under 2.5 goals @


In today's football, it's difficult to heavily beat any team that has only defensive intentions, and Andorra is one of them. The best example is that world champions France won with „only“ 3-0 and 4-0 against them. The most difficult situation for the guests is when they want to do something more against a little bit weaker opponent, but now they should stay behind and wait. The confidence is high because of beating Moldova, and even with 3 goals difference for Iceland here, half of the bet will be won.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Iceland – Andorra, Andorra AH +3.25 goals @ 1.80


Scotland had a terrible qualification campaign and now they have an opportunity to destroy someone to feel at least some small poor satisfaction. There is no need to speak about the quality of San Marino, you should expect an easy game, maybe even San Marino can score their first goal, so over is a better option than a handicap.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Scotland – San Marino, over 5 goals  @ 1.88


Just as mentioned in the pick for Group H – if someone decides only to defend, it is really difficult to break through many times. Liechtenstein didn't suffer so many huge defeats at home lately.  In 2017 they lost 8-0 against Spain, but Spain is a team on the top level, and Italy at this moment isn't that powerful. With just a little bit of luck, you can take the options that Liechtenstein won't be humiliated.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Liechtenstein – Italy, Liechtenstein AH +4 goals @ 1.81

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