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EURO 2020 Qualifiers: Betting Tips and Predictions

EURO 2020 Qualifiers: Betting Tips and Predictions

EURO 2020 qualifications are getting to the end. There are only a few more games to play and after this national teams week, we will know who qualified. Some teams have already secured their place in Euro, some of them are almost safe and the miracle should happen to keep them out of it. On ProTipster you could find the best EURO 2020 Qualifiers betting tips. For this round, we give you one best bet in each group. Click here to get more EURO 2020 Qualifiers betting tips and predictions.


Czech Republik unexpectedly won the game against England and now they have an upper-hand against Kosovo. That means this game is the last opportunity for Kosovo to take over, because, in the case of defeat, Kosovo will be out. With a draw, the situation won't be much different, and the reason for it is that Kosovo should beat England in the last game. So, the away team can't afford themselves to wait and they should try to attack favored hosts from the first minute. In six games so far, the Czech Republic were over 2.5 in all of them, while Kosovo went over in half of their games. With such standings setup, you can expect an opened game with a lot of goals. Just like the first one, when Kosovo won 2:1.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Czech Republic – Kosovo, Over 2.5 goals @ 1.99

Over 2.5 goals
Czech Republic – Kosovo
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Portugal lost their game in Ukraine, which means that Serbia aren't written off yet. Cristiano Ronaldo is in bad shape lately, you could read about his problems in Juventus in the last days, and maybe Serbia can catch the last train for Euro somehow. The first step is, of course, to win both remaining games, and then, hope for one more poor performance of Portugal. In this game against Luxembourg Serbia should show their will to compete, and their opponents, who are improving in recent years, simply couldn't do anything more in this tough group. Serbia have enough quality to win this with two goals difference, which would lead to the return of your stake, while with three or more the bet will be won.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Serbia – Luxembourg, Serbia -2 AH goals @ 1.88

Serbia - 2 AH goals
Serbia – Luxembourg


Northern Ireland started these qualifications with four wins, but all of them were against weaker sides Estonia and Belarus. They lost the last games against Germany and the Netherlands, and the last one was especially painful. Magennis scored the first goal of the game in the 75th minute, and it seemed the Netherlands were knocked out with that goal. But, Depay scored five minutes later, and with two additional goals in injury time, the Netherlands won 3:1. Northern Ireland now have only theoretical chances because Germany meet Belarus, and in the last game, the Netherlands will host Estonia. That means Northern Ireland must win both remaining games against Netherlands and Germany, which is actually almost impossible. But they will definitely try, after all, they have nothing to lose. The home team is going to look for one goal more, the Netherlands have great attacking potential, which should lead to at least three goals.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Northern Ireland – Netherlands, Over 2.5 goals @ 1.95

Over 2.5 goals
Northern Ireland – Netherlands


Switzerland are 3rd in this group, but you can consider they are actually the only team that will surely qualify from this group. Two easy games against Georgia and Gibraltar are waiting for them, and Denmark and Ireland should decide who is the second in their head to head clash in Dublin on Monday. If Denmark beat Gibraltar, and they will, only one point will be enough for them. If they lose in Dublin, Ireland will have the tiebreaker because of 1:1 in the first game. The goal of Denmark in this game against Gibraltar is to get through the game to have all key players at disposal in Dublin. The weather shouldn't be ideal, so in such circumstances, Gibraltar can keep this up to five goals difference. 

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Denmark – Gibraltar, Gibraltar +5.5 AH goals @ 1.85

Gibraltar +5.5 AH goals
Denmark – Gibraltar


Slovakia have no options in this game, if they don't win in Croatia, they will be out. Croatia have a much better squad, what they already have proven in the first game in Trnava. World vice-champions won that game 4:0 and now they have the luxury of playing on a draw. Slovakia should open up and attack, and in such a situation that could finish disastrously for them once again. With this betting option, Croatia's win would secure stake returned, and if they win with 2 or more goals difference, the bet will be won.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Croatia – Slovakia, Croatia -1 AH goals @ 1.85

Croatia -1 AH goals
Croatia – Slovakia


In the last game against Norway, Romania had the lead until 92nd minute. At that moment, Alexander Sorloth stunned them and their job became really difficult. First of all, they must win in this game to overtake Sweden, and the 2nd step should be avoiding defeat in Spain in the last game. Sweden won't have a difficult task in the last game, they will host the Faroe Islands. This game is crucial for the outcome of this group, and Romania is practically out without a win. Both teams have shown attacking style so far, they were over 2.5 goals in six of eight games in the group, and the first head to head game ended 2:1 for Sweden.  Romania can target 1:0 win to have the tiebreaker, but that would simply be too dangerous for them. Sweden can definitely score, and with 2:1 win they have nothing because Sweden should have better goal difference when they thrash the Faroe Islands. Sweden can wait, one point should be enough for them. They can defend, but Romanians will leave a lot of space behind and Sweden will know how to exploit that. In a case of exactly two goals in this game, half of your stake will be returned.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Romania – Sweden, Over 2.25 goals @ 1.99

Over 2.25 Goals
Romania – Sweden


Austria didn't qualify for Euro yet, but they need only one point from the last two games. If they don't make it now, they have another chance against Latvia, one of the worst teams in these qualifications, who have no points, with goal difference 2:28. Psychologically, Austrians consider themselves in, so they could relax a bit. After all, they only need one point, not some convincing win, so maybe the best bet here would be to back the guests. With this handicap, North Macedonia must avoid two goals difference defeat, which seems quite probable.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Austria – North Macedonia, North Macedonia +1.5 AH goals @ 2.05

North Macedonia +1.5 AH goals
Austria – North Macedonia


Didier Deschamps' squad didn't manage to win against Turkey in their last game and because of that, they remained in the 2nd place. But, their qualifications shouldn't come into question. Now they have an easy game against Moldova, and with three points from that game, they could be safe. Moldova have no chance in this game, they know it's almost impossible to win, so they should focus on avoiding humiliation. France didn't show the will to destroy opponents, and the best examples are the games against Andorra which they've won 3:0 and 4:0. In the first game against Moldova France won 4:1, so five or more goals difference isn't something this French team is looking for. They just want to get through this game as easy as possible, without any injuries, and Moldova can keep the scoreline respectable.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: France – Moldova, @Moldova +4 AH goals  @ 1.95

Moldova +4 AH goals
France – Moldova


Belgium and Russia qualified from this group and Cyprus and Scotland can play their game without any pressure. So far their games were full of goals, which means you can expect another one in that style.  Cyprus were over 2.5 goals in five of eight games, with 3.1 goals per game, while Scotland have even better stats. They were over 2.5 7 times, and their average is 3.5 goals per game. The first game finished 2:1 for Scotland, and with this bet, you can even get half stake returned in case of exactly two goals.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Cyprus – Scotland, Over 2.25 goals @ 2

Over 2.25 goals
Cyprus – Scotland


Bosnia & Herzegovina didn't start their Euro campaign well, and the worst moment was 2:0 defeat against Finland, their biggest rivals in this group. They looked totally dead, but in the game at home, they made a huge job with destroying Finland 4:1 and getting an edge in head to head games. But, Bosnia and Herzegovina threw all that in the next game in Greece where they lost 2:1. That was only 2nd win for Greece in this group, before that game, they managed to win only against Liechtenstein. Finland are now five points ahead, waiting for an easy home game against Liechtenstein, so players of Bosnia & Herzegovina should be resigned.  Italy already qualified, so you can expect an easy game for fans with less care in defense, which should lead to an efficient game.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Bosnia & Herzegovina – Italy, Over 2.5 goals @ 1.86

Over 2.5 goals
Bosnia & Herzegovina – Italy
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