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Champions League Group Stage Accumulator Tips

Champions League Group Stage Accumulator Tips

In the previous editions of the Champions League, you could see there were no bigger surprises in the group stage. For this season you can expect pretty similar, with a few potential surprises. Choosing outright bets with favourites is generally not valuable, but here we will give you some accumulator betting tips on how to maximize the value for the main accumulator, and also give you some interesting ideas for underdog betting.


The initial idea for this group was backing PSG to win it. There are several reasons for such expectations. The first one is that they have a huge motive to finally do something serious in the Champions League. They have already won everything possible in France. One of the reasons why is that there is almost no real competition who can challenge them. On the other side, Real Madrid is the record winner of the Champions League and their main desire is to win La Liga. Real Madrid has proved in the last 5 years that they can beat the strongest teams in Europe, but have no luck in the domestic league. So in the group stage against weaker opposition, they will play the reserves and young players while they focus on the league. On the contrary, PSG finds the French league too easy and have their sights set on winning the Champions League, so they will most likely play their strongest starting XI almost every UCL game. To maximize the value you should pick PSG as 1st and Real Madrid as 2nd for the odds 2.27 since Galatasaray and Club Brugge have no strength to cope with those two.

 ProTipster Expert's Tip: PSG 1st, Real Madrid 2nd @2.4


In this group, it is also pretty clear who are the favourites. Red Star and Olympiakos barely managed to enter the main competition, in some other circumstances they would both be the 4th seed.  The only question is – who will win the group? Just as in the previous group, we have one team which is untouchable in their respective league and the other one who is a decent team trying to put pressure on the league leaders. Tottenham will have a bigger focus on the Premier League and that should mean an easier time in the group for Bayern. The Bavarian side should win the group (1.57), but there is no reason why you shouldn't add Spurs as 2nd for the odds 2.10 because both Olympiakos and Red Star are too far from them in terms of quality.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Bayern 1st, Tottenham 2nd @2.10


Manchester City will easily dominate this group, potentially winning 16 or even maximum 18 points. The race for the 2nd place should be really interesting because there are Atalanta, Shakhtar Donetsk and Dinamo Zagreb. According to the bookies, the main battle should be fought between Shakhtar and Atalanta, while Dinamo could potentially be the dark horse of this group. In the last season, they managed to get through to the last 16 of the Europa League and they were knocked out by Benfica after extra time. They have a serious team which should primarily be focusing on the Champions League, due to their dominance in their domestic league. Odds of 9 on Dinamo to qualify to the next stage are nothing but underestimation of this talented squad filled with potential and you should seriously consider backing them on some „crazy“ accumulator.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Dinamo to qualify @9


The most interesting team here is Atletico. They have refreshed squad, started great in La Liga, but there are many questions about how are they going to do in the Champions League. Leverkusen could create some problems for them and adding Atletico here shouldn't be advised, despite they are firm favourites for the 2nd place. But, the ones who are safe are Juventus. In this season the competition is Serie A should be a bit stronger, but you could almost be sure that is just expectation. In reality, Juve should have an easy season, which should help them make a good result in the Champions League.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Juventus to win the group @ 1.61


Another group in which is quite clear what to expect. Liverpool and Napoli have met in the last season in a group with PSG. The French side won the group, while Liverpool were 2nd thanks to the goal difference and won the competition later. Napoli is announcing a great season, but they have a losing mentality and that is something that isn't easy to get rid of. To remind you, they didn't get through with 12 points once when they were in a group with Arsenal and Dortmund. Luckily for them, Genk and Salzburg can't be a threat to their 2nd place. That should be the best they can do because the title defenders Liverpool look untouchable.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Liverpool 1st, Napoli 2nd @ 1.81


Barcelona is the main favourite of this group, but this group is a group of death and backing them in any way wouldn't be smart, especially because they are getting through some small crisis now, and the odds are funny. Inter have a respectable team now, but their main focus should be on Serie A, so Dortmund looks like the most reliable option here. If you want some higher odds, you can choose them to win the group for 4.50, but we will advise you this „conservative“ option.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Dortmund to qualify @ 1.72

GROUP G and H 

In the last two groups, you can see a similar situation, where every prediction could lead to a fail. In such situations, the only right way is to choose the value. In group G there is no some huge underdog, but in group H that would be Lille. They sold some key players during the summer but they are still doing good, what is just a proof of great work and continuity. Generally, they have no usual opportunities to play in the Champions League, so in this season they should give their best to be remembered. Their opponents are nothing special – Chelsea, with a new manager, who are still searching themselves, Ajax without many key players from the last season, and always insecure Valencia. The odds say Lille have less than 10% chance to win the group, but their real chances are slightly higher. You can combine this with Dinamo to quality.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Lille to win the group @ 11


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