Australian Open 2020 Odds & Betting Predictions

Australian Open 2020 Odds & Betting Predictions

The 2020 Australian Open is a Grand Slam tennis tournament that will take place at Melbourne Park, from 20 January to 2 February 2020. Australian Open is the first grand slam of the 2020 season. Players are coming back after a break, some of them have already played tournament or two. They should all be ready and fit, we have high expectations for this grand slam because everyone is pumped up and ready to play again. Novak Đoković and Naomi Osaka are defending champions. The tournament will be played on hard courts and will take place across a series of 25 courts, the three main show courts Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Arena and Margaret Court Arena. Who will win the first grand slam of the season? Are we going to get a new champion? We will try to find out!


Bookies are favorizing Đoković (2.25) and that is no surprise considering his current form and the connection between him and this tournament, Australian Open. The second favourite is Rafael Nadal (5.00) and the third favourite which is not a surprise too, Daniil Medvedev (9.00). We also have to mention Roger Federer, who is the fourth favourite with some really high odds (10.00). As we already mentioned, this is going to be the first big tournament of the year. Novak Đoković will definitely have a high amount of confidence coming up into this tournament. He is the current champion, this is his best tournament and he has won ATP Cup with his nation, Serbia, where he was the key player. Rafael Nadal was looking a little bit tired at the end of the ATP Cup tournament and we do not know how he will handle Australian Open. Daniil Medvedev is the biggest threat to Novak at the moment, we believe. He has shown that in the ATP Cup too. The difference is now big because this is a grand slam where you can play five sets, you have to be experienced and it is hard to beat Novak Đoković in Australia in such conditions. We believe that these three guys are the biggest favourites by far with all due respect to the other players. They have consistency, result and momentum.

Novak Đoković is for us still the biggest favourite by far. Why is that? He has won seven Australian Open titles, he has six wins in the new season. He still did not lose, he is serving better and this is his best surface and tournament of the season. The odds are still looking solid on him, we definitely believe that he will be the one to lift trophy yet again. It is hard to take other guys in consideration, such as Roger, Thiem, Zverev, Tsitsipas and so on… Youngsters still need time to improve and get consistency. Medvedev is currently the only young guy who is playing like he has experience of a grand slam champion. That is why he is considered as a third favourite of the tournament, for us, he is the second favourite. Rafael Nadal was playing really bad in his first tournament of the season and we could see that he was struggling a lot. Medvedev, on the other side, got his best ranking now, 4th place. He has won already four matches in this season and he only lost to Novak in a very close match.

Novak Djokovic to win Australian Open '20
Australian Open 2020 Winner
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Dark Horse

Alex de Minaur and Stan Wawrinka are definitely two guys we should watch out for. We do not believe that they can win the entire contest but we do believe that they can go far in the tournament. First of all, Alex de Minaur is an incredible young player. He is from Australia so he will be playing at home. We saw him last week against Nadal where he had his chances to win, in the end, he managed to win one set against Rafa. This kind of surface is probably his favourite surface. He is moving fast, his strokes are flat and his defence is incredible. He can return well and the only bad aspect of his game is his serve. He only made it to the third round last year where he could not do anything against Nadal. Now, he has more experience, his game style is better and we believe that he can make it all the way to the quarterfinals. The odds on him are 41.00 but as we said, we do not believe that he can win, but we definitely believe that he can go far. The second dark horse is Stan the Man, Stanislas Wawrinka. We just can not believe that odds are so high on him (67.00). Stan is a player who likes big tournaments the most. He plays his best tennis there. He has already won here once, in 2014. His groundstrokes are great, he has tons of experience, he is serving well and his mental strength is great on a big stage. We would even say that he should go further than Alex de Minaur and that the odds should be vice versa between these two great players. We all know how experience is one of the most important things for the success on a grand slam tournament. Stan is definitely a guy who can win against anyone when he plays his best tennis. He already showed that. So, if you love to risk, these two guys are definitely worth it.

Stan Wawrinka to win Australian Open '20
Australian Open 2020 Winner

Betting on Australian Open

Rationally speaking, Novak Đoković is the best option. You can double your money and as we already mentioned, he is definitely the biggest favourite. He has won this tournament seven times already, which is more than anyone in the Open Era. Roger Federer is yet to play a match in 2020. He did not really end his 2019 season good. We believe that this will be his last year and you can definitely try to go against him. The odds should be good on his opponents due to his status. However, he is getting older and he is not on his best level anymore, especially not at the beginning of the season. Nick Kyrgios is also playing at home but you never know with him. He played really good at the ATP Cup but then he could not find his game in semis against Spain. We believe that he can go far too if he keeps his head cold and if he plays with passion. Keep in mind that this surface is fast and that we will probably see many games, not so many breaks and the big servers could do some damage.  Add ProTipster to your bookmark for more tennis betting tips and predictions, not only during Australian Open!