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ATP 2020 Season - Predictions, Longterm Bets

ATP 2020 Season - Predictions, Longterm Bets

Look back and short preview of the 2020 ATP Season

The 2020 ATP Season is just around the corner, but let us take a look at the 2019 season that has been fantastic. We all really thought that there will be a new Grand Slam champion in the 2019 season, but however big 3 guys are still dominating. Both Rafael Nadal and Novak Đoković have won each two grand slams. Roger Federer had his chance in Wimbledon final where he did not manage to convert two match points on his serve. Other than that, we had a chance to see many great upcoming guys such as Sinner, Rublev, Tsitsipas, Medvedev… Thiem, Medvedev, Tsitsipas showed how good they are, and we believe that they are the new big 3 guys. It was also a pleasure to see Andy Murray and Jo Wilfried Tsonga on the court again. They were both injured and had a tough time, however, they came back and they were rock solid! ATP Finals were really exciting. Đoković was in a big battle with Rafael Nadal to get the first spot at the ATP rankings but Nadal found his way back against Medvedev where he was 1-5 down. After that match, everything went downhill for Novak Đoković, former number 1. After winning the first match in the group, Novak lost the next two matches against Thiem and Federer. Nadal on the other side, came back against Medvedev and because Roger has won against Đoković, Nadal clinched the first spot at the end of the year. And after all, we still have these three incredible guys at the top of the list.
As we already mentioned before, ATP Finals were really exciting because nobody from the big 3 was in the final. Thiem and Tsitsipas have played an incredible match, and we all enjoyed it for sure in that one. Tsitsipas came at the end as the winner and after that kind of performance from both of these guys, we believe that tennis is in safe hands. There is also a sad but normal side of tennis. Tennis world had to say goodbye to the big legends; David Ferrer, Tomas Berdych, Janko Tipsarević, Nicolas Almagro, Marcos Baghdatis and many more legends have retired this season.
Upcoming players

There are many promising and talented young players that we saw in 2019. We have to say that one who impressed us most is Jannik Sinner. He went from 551. place to the 78th place within a year. He has won 3 challenger titles this year, and he also managed to win the Next Gen Finals. His favourite surface is a hard court surface, but he is also solid on the clay court surface. He is only 18 years old, he is a great hitter and we believe that he can make an impact next year and we can see him winning at least one ATP title in 2020. Rublev is a youngster from Russia who has really improved this season. He is currently on the 23rd spot at the rankings, but he will definitely be a top 10 player in the future, if he keeps playing and improving like this. We do not have to mention guys like Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Zverev, Berrettini, Shapovalov, de Minaur, Khachanov who are top 20 already. They all already made big results, but their biggest victories and results are hopefully yet to come. These guys are next gen players and they will all fight and they all become big rivals in the near future. Dominic Thiem is a player that is not a next gen player anymore, but he is still really young, and he is currently one of the best clay court players. It is hard to say the best clay court player, because Rafael Nadal is still playing. However, he is playing with most consistency from all of these youngsters, and he has a talent to win a Grand Slam maybe in 2020 already. If he stays healthy, we believe that he will be the biggest threat for Rafael Nadal on Roland Garros. The difference between Thiem and other great young guys is that Thiem likes a clay surface the most. Other tennis players are mostly getting their big results on faster surfaces. With that being said, we believe that Thiem is one of the biggest favorites for clay court part of the season, other guys are there to compete on hard and grass surfaces.

Jannik Sinner to win ATP Final Championship title in 2020
Jannik Sinner - Player Specials

Declining players - players that are running out of gas and are soon to retire

When I first think about the player that is struggling and is soon to retire, I immediately think about Fernando Verdasco. This player has been around for a long time and you can see that on his facial expressions and his energy on the court. We have to admit that he has a great fighting spirit but his body is aging, and he is declining year by year. He is 36 years old and we believe that the next season (2020 season) will be his last one. He did not do much this season, he did not make any remarkable results in the 2019. However, he is not the only guy there, big 3 are all still fighting and playing on such a high level, but they are getting older and you can see that looking at their season plans. They are playing fewer tournaments every year and it is obvious that they are soon to decline, especially Federer who is the oldest one. We are not happy about it, but we believe that Federer, Verdasco, Isner, Anderson are pretty much over with big results. They have many fans and big results behind them so that is why they are still favorites in most of the matches but their time has come we believe. Rafael Nadal and Novak Đoković should be able to play on a great level in 2020. They are incredibly well prepared and their body is in great shape. There are of course many more players that are soon to retire, but we wrote here for you just the most popular ones.

Grand Slam predictions

Australian Open 2020

The 2020 Australian Open will take place at Melbourne Park, from 20 January to 2 February 2020. It will be the first Grand Slam of the year. Novak Đoković is the defending champion. All players should be rested and full of desire because this tournament will be the first big tournament of the season. There is a big question in the tennis world for every single Grand Slam tournament; are we going to see a new winner finally? We do not believe so, not in general, we do not believe that there will be a new winner on Australian Open next season. Why is that? Because if both Rafael Nadal and Novak Đoković are ready and healthy, they are two big favorites, especially Novak Djokovic who is playing with such ease on hard court events. As we said, this is the first big tournament, he will definitely be hungry, and we believe that he will win his 8th title in Australia. He is simply the most consistent player on the tour right now, this is his favorite surface, he wants to catch up with Nadal and Federer in Grand Slam titles record. You can already bet on him at almost every bookmaker. The odds are really good (2.60) and you definitely have a value bet on Novak Đoković.

Novak Djokovic to win Australian Open '20
Australian Open 2020 Winner
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French Open 2020

The French Open also known as Roland Garros will take place in Paris, France from 24 May to 07 June 2020. It will be the second Grand Slam of the year and the only Grand Slam on clay. Rafael Nadal is the 2019 champion. As we mentioned before that we believe in the new Grand Slam champion in 2020, we believe that it will happen here, in Paris on French Open.
Let us start with the method of elimination. We will try to eliminate two out of three big guys and we are almost there. Roger Federer and clay surface just do not go together. This is his worst surface by far, because of his style. It is hard to play aggressive tennis on such a slow surface. Bookies are predicting him as a 7th favorite to win. We think that he should not be in the top 10. There are many guys that are currently far better than him on this surface, and we believe that he will not make it to the quarter finals. Novak Đoković is the second favorite, and we can not agree with that. He was never the guy for clay, however, he is better than Roger on clay, but he is still far away from Rafael Nadal. He has only won Roland Garros once, and we do not believe that we can see him winning his second Roland Garros title in 2020. Why is that? Because as we said, he is getting older, he adjusted to the hard court surface and his last results in Paris were not really good. We believe that the main battle will be between Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem. Realistically looking both guys should be considered as the biggest favorites. The odds on Nadal to win are 1.90 which does not make much sense really. Bookies are not that keen on Thiem, last year's finalist. The odds on him are 5.00! With that being said, they believe that he is the 3rd favorite, which does not make any sense. Dominic Thiem was in Roland Garros final two times in a row, and we fully expect he is really close to winning it. We also believe that he is in his prime age and with Nadal aging and all the injuries he is suffering with, we believe that the best option and the biggest value bet is on the Austrian, Dominic Thiem.

Dominic Thiem to win French Open '20
French Open 2020 Winner

Wimbledon 2020

Wimbledon will take place in London, Great Britain from 29 June to 12 July 2020. It will be the third Grand Slam of the year and the only Grand Slam on grass. Novak Đoković is the 2019 champion after winning one of the most exciting finals in tennis history. The grass is such a specific surface for players, there are not many tournaments played on grass and you have to be really experienced to do well on grass. Therefore we look for the most experienced and best players at the moment. Who could it be? Novak Đoković of course. Why is that? It is hard to imagine seeing Roger Federer doing such a great run like last year. He is definitely frustrated because he could not convert any of match points, and we can not see him doing well next season. We basically have than only two options left, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. All other players are not that good on grass, and they are mostly inexperienced. Rafa has never really liked grass and it was always hard for him to adjust there. Especially now when his knees are really suffering. Novak Đoković has a momentum, he made an incredible comeback last year and he has everything that he needs to win Wimbledon yet again. The odds are also rock solid (2.50) and we strongly believe that he is the only option in this tournament!

Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon '20
Wimbledon 2020 Winner

US Open 2020

US Open will take place in New York, USA from 31 August to 13 September. US Open is the fourth and final Grand Slam event of the year. Rafael Nadal is the 2019 champion after an incredible final against Daniil Medvedev. This is another tournament where we really believe that we will see a new Grand Slam champion. It is because this Grand Slam is late in the season where all the guys are already tired and not that ready because of the intensity of the season. There are many choices, but we will try to sort out the right one. Big 3 guys are always considered as the biggest favorites, but we do not believe that this will be the case in the 2020 US Open. They are all a year older, last Grand Slam, many matches that have been played, body will suffer, lack of motivation. There are just many reasons against them, and we believe that Daniil Medvedev is the right guy! He could have done it last year because he played finals against Rafael Nadal where he lost in 5 sets. 2020 is the year for his revenge. He showed us last year how good he is on US soil. He is definitely an underdog, but we believe that it really makes sense to invest into him. The odds on him are 9,5 and we have to try on him, because this is a really good and realistic opportunity.

Daniil Medvedev to win US Open '20
US Open 2020 Winner

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