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At we’re all about sports betting tips. Our simple aim is to help you improve your profit – either by give you access to thousands of free tips from great tipsters with easy to see rankings and statistics; or by offering you the chance to make the most of your own sporting knowledge and sell your own tips.

Here’s our guide to what tips are and how you can use them.

What is a tip (Betting tip)?

Let’s start from the very beginning and explain exactly what a tip is. A tip is information provided to help a user choose what to bet on. It can be something as simple as “back Barcelona to win” or it could have complex analysis, preferred odds and detailed predictions.

A good example of a free tip on the ProTipster website

A good example of a free tip on the ProTipster website

At ProTipster, a tip looks like the picture above. The tip itself is simply “Northern Ireland to win, 0:1 handicap”. This means that the tipster has said that someone viewing the tip should back Northern Ireland to win the fixture the tip has been posted on in the 0:1 handicap market.

Underneath that the tipster has suggested the stake to be used – a measure of how confident he is in the tip – and the ProTipster system has logged the odds for the market when the tip was posted. The tipster has also suggested reasoning behind his tip.

How are the odds calculated?

How are odds calculated - Betting Tips from ProTipster

The odds ProTipster uses are taken from BetRadar, the leading supplier of sports betting data. We use these odds so that they are standardised for all tipsters; we want to encourage tipsters to post tips because an outcome is likely rather than because a bookmaker has made a mistake with their odds.

Odds from Betradar are lower than those you will find with an online bookmaker. This is also deliberate – this means that if you see a tip at a price it’s likely you will still see it at that price at your bookmaker even if that market has had lots of money staked on it.

What is the stake?

What is a stake - Betting Tips from ProTipster

The stake is a measure of confidence in the tip. If a tipster thinks that a tip is extremely likely to be a winner, he will rank it as 5/5. If a tipster doesn’t think it’s as likely to be a winner, he will rank it as a lower figure – maybe as low as 1/5.

These figures are measured in units – and are used to calculate the statistics for tipsters.

What’s profit, yield and hit-rate?

What is Profit - Betting Tips from ProTipster

What is Profit? “Betting Tips from ProTipster

Profit is the amount of money that a tipster has returned on their tips. This is calculated as Money Returned (MR)– Money Staked (MS) = Profit.

Yield is the amount of money that a tipster has yielded on their tips. It’s a two-dimensional statistic, and it is calculated as shown below.

Yield formula - betting tips from ProTipster

Hit Rate is the percentage of winning tips that a tipster has had. This is calculated as Winning Tips/Total Tips * 100

  • You can read about the difference between Profit and Yield in this article: Trending Tipsters

Why are there different colours for the tipsters at the leaderboard?

Different coloured tipsters - Betting Tips from ProTipster

This is to help you differentiate quickly between a good tipster and a great tipster; the colours are representative of what rank they have reached.

  • Blue = Member (less than 50 units profit)
  • Green = Promising Tipster (50 – 100 units profit)
  • Yellow = Proven Tipster (100 – 300 units profit)
  • Purple = Epic Tipster (300 – 700 units profit)
  • Orange = Legendary Tipster (700 – 1000 units profit)
  • Maroon = The Oracle (1000+ units profit)

So how can I make money by following tips?

Winning money from Betting Tips

This is down to you. If you check our tips every day you’ll see some tipsters are better than others and some are luckier than others. The trick is to find the tipsters who are the best or the luckiest and to see what they are tipping as winners. If you think they’re right, you can use their tips to decide what bets you want to make with your bookmaker – and if they are right, you’ll win money.

You can see who the best tipsters of all time are on the leaderboard here, and the best tipsters in this month’s challenge here. If you see “active tips” under their name it means that they have a tip for you to look at right now for an upcoming match.

You can also follow a tipster at any time by clicking on the follow icon on the top right corner of their profile page.

Which tipsters should I follow?

Which Tipster should I follow? Betting Tips from ProTipster

That’s entirely down to you, we can’t tell you. We can however suggest that you check our blogs which are published every day and have the best tips we have found for the matches we are blogging about in addition to tips from the ProTipster office.

You can follow and unfollow any tipster at any time.

How can I understand which picks have more potential to win?

Which tips have higher potential of winnings? Betting tIps from ProTipster

This comes down to understanding the statistics – the better a tipster’s statistics are, the more likely it is that they are right. You can check their hit-rate, yield and profit – either all time or filtered by month and in-play/pre-game. You can also see what markets they perform best in and what categories they have made the most profit in.

How can I become a Pro Tipster?

How can I become a Pro Tipster

First of all, you will need to post tips of your own. You can do this at the post page – choose your sport to get a complete list of matches available for tips in that sport or filter the selection down by category and competition. There is a drop down menu so that you can also pick the individual market you want to post a tip in on the match you have chosen. Click the outcome you believe will happen, choose a stake and click “post tip” – and voila! You’re a tipster 🙂

To become a Pro Tipster, you need to post lots of winning tips – which means either having a good knowledge of the sport you are tipping in, or being extremely lucky!

Why are odds displayed on so low?

Why are odds lower? Betting tips from ProTipster

This is intentional. We use odds supplied by BetRadar to standardise odds for all tipsters – so that everyone is competing on a level playing field. The odds supplied are lower than the ones displayed on bookmaker websites to help users to benefit from your tip even if a lot of money has already been staked on it.

It does make it harder to be a Pro Tipster – but – it means if and when you do make it, you really are good at what you do and that users will trust your tips even more.

Why do ProTipster only have some markets?

Betting Markets - Betting Tips from ProTipster

We’re limited in what markets we can carry by the data we receive from Betradar. This means we can’t cover every single market available in all bookmakers; however we endeavour to carry as many as we possibly can.

Why does ProTipster not have all live matches?

Why only some live markets? Betting tips from ProTipster

We’re limited in what we can carry for live markets by what odds we are provided by BetRadar. There are some matches where they do not have the data to offer on live markets and regrettably we can’t do much about that.

What is the live match data you show on the live tips pages?

Live Action in Football Tips Page

This is information sent to us from BetRadar about the match in progress. It allows us to visually represent what is happening along with important statistics to help you judge if you should follow a live tip or not, without leaving the page.

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