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League of Legends Betting Guide: Betting Tips, Predictions and Odds

When someone mentions the League of Legends, two things come to mind - toxicity and excitement. The former might be considered a negative aspect of the game, but it’s mostly just a byproduct of the competitive atmosphere that surrounds every single match. It’s precisely this competitiveness that molded LoL into one of the most exciting games of our generation. And because of that excitement, LoL betting quickly became a huge niche within eSports itself. 

Most experts would tell you that taking punts on LoL is the best way to get into the eSports culture, and we concur! Not only is the game incredibly fun and addictive, but it’s also easy to grasp, and it doesn’t have as many variables as DOTA 2, Starcraft II, and some other games have. As League of Legends is currently at its absolute peak, now would be the best time to start placing bets. 

Before you do so, read our guide on the use of LoL betting tips, odds, and everything else that contributes to the amazing experience that is this strange virtual world. Once you’ve mastered LoL gambling, you will be able to fuse enjoyment and financial fruitfulness into a single endeavour. Good luck! 

How to Bet on League of Legends?

While most of you will instinctively start looking for the best LoL predictions, that might not be the best idea. To be able to place winning bets and create a proper strategy, you need to start from scratch. That’s not always easy, mostly because punters generally bet on traditional sports, which have been integral parts of our culture for over a century. With eSports, it’s a little different, but betting on LoL isn’t the menacing challenge it seems to be at first glance. 

In fact, taking punts on LoL matches is considered to be much easier than most eSports betting endeavours. Why, exactly? While games like CS:GO and NBA 2K are based on reality and are certainly easier to grasp for people that aren’t acquainted with video games, LoL is still significantly ‘simpler’ than most eSports. DOTA 2, Starcraft II, and Mortal Kombat, for instance, all involve complex strategies, item building, and other factors that contribute to the overall level of complexity. 

LoL gambling is much easier to get into because, within the game, each player and champion has a pre-defined role. Even though League’s 149 champions dwarf DOTA’s 117 heroes in terms of quantity, it’s much easier to understand the purpose of each hero. With that being said, we believe that the following approach is the best way to master LoL betting: 

Play League of Legends

While most punters scoff at this idea, actually playing the game is a shortcut that saves you a significant amount of time and money. Even though chasing after LoL betting tips and various other tools might seem faster, you won’t actually know what you’re doing and any wins will be flukes. On the other hand, going through the tutorial and spending a little time in ranked matches will give you a clear view of how the game functions. Only then can you devote time to analyzing and applying LoL predictions. 

Watch the best streamers and pro players

In most LoL betting guides, you will see people urging rookie bettors to go straight to watching the biggest competition. We, however, believe that this approach won’t get you anywhere. Focus on streamers first, as they play and stream the game every day. Even though they may not be on the level of pros, you will surely learn a lot of new things and understand the mechanics better. Look for professional LoL players that stream as a side-gig - that’s the best way to find quality educational content. 

Start with simple markets

LoL gambling has a somewhat steep learning curve, but you can make the experience much easier by starting with moneylines and the simplest totals. Once you become more adept and your winning rate exceeds 35% over a certain period of time, you can devote your time to special bets. Whilst they may come with higher odds, the risks are significantly higher, too. 

What Are the Most Important Tournaments for LoL Betting? 

Once you’ve mastered the basics and watched hundreds of hours of LoL footage, it’s time to think about what your focus areas will be. Our advice is to only bet on the biggest tournaments. We’ve based this opinion on three reasons:

  • There are 50+ markets for every game
  • Since they include the best players in the world, stats are easier to come by
  • You can find a lot of LoL betting tips for these events

There are many top-tier tournaments, but you should only look for LoL predictions pertaining to the following renowned events:

League of Legends World Championship

The best of the best meet each year to square off for the Summoner’s Cup, a gargantuan 32-kilo trophy. In 2018, 100 million people tuned in, which is a testament to the magnitude of the sport as a whole. T1 is the most successful team, with three titles to their name. 

Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)

As regional leagues come to an end, the winner of each competition earns a spot at the MSI. While less glamorous than the World Championship, this particular tournament is known for its large amount of upsets and unexpected results. When it comes to DOTA predictions, the MSI is a gold mine. 

League of Legends European Championship

Comprised of several events, the European Championship is the foremost competition of the Old Continent. The playstyle is different when compared to Asian-dominated leagues and tournaments and LoL betting tips for these matches are always abundant at ProTipster. 

Which LoL Markets Are the Best for Placing Bets On? 

Believe it or not, LoL betting markets aren’t all that different than those used for taking punts on traditional sports. As such, anyone with even a semblance of sports betting knowledge can dive right in. Of course, there are many special bets available to punters, but the following markets are everything you need to get started:


In layman’s terms, it’s betting on who will win. This is the market with by far the most LoL predictions, as the outcome is simple and draws aren’t possible. Thus, you can start with moneylines and move onto more complex bet formats. 


Oddsmakers are known to select one team as a favorite and the other as the underdog. With handicap bets, you’re not just betting on who will win. Instead, the favorite has to win by a certain margin, while the underdog mustn’t lose below a certain threshold. You get more leeway by choosing handicaps, but there are more variables, too.


With this type of bet, you’re not determining a winner. Instead, you’re betting if the number of kills/Baron Geddon kills/assists or any other statistic will be over or under a certain number posted by the oddsmakers. 

Outright bets

These are the hardest bets to get right, but also provide the most lucrative odds. Instead of focusing on one match, your goal is to pick the winner of a certain event or tournament. It’s a risky business, even with the best LoL predictions. 

How Can You Find the Best LoL Odds?

There are two ways to get the best possible odds. The first approach includes visiting every betting site and checking the odds for yourself. Frankly, this is an outdated strategy, as it’s hard and time-consuming to write down 20+ sets of odds and track their movements. Instead, you can use our odds comparison tool at ProTipster. Just pick the game you want to bet on, click on any market, and you will see odds from the best LoL bookmakers side by side. There are short-term bets available, as well as outright ones. 

Does In-play/Live Betting Exist in League of Legends? 

Of course! League of Legends is a hotspot for all kinds of live betting markets. Since every match is a fast-paced one, with lots of action and turnarounds, you can easily snatch some great odds and enrich your betting slip. 

What Are the Best LoL Betting Sites?

When it comes to LoL betting, it’s important to find a reliable bookmaker. If you come across a betting site that interests you, check out the ProTipster bookmaker reviews, written by both punters and experts. We test both new and old betting sites, all in order to help you determine what’s the best choice for using all the LoL betting tips you’ve found. 


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eSports betting-wise, Betway is the absolute king. Not only were they one of the first ones to offer LoL markets, but they also boast the biggest market variety of all bookies that we’ve had the pleasure of testing. Their odds are consistently above the market average, too.


This particular sportsbook has taken an unorthodox approach when it comes to LoL bets. Their design is simply beautiful, making them the most pleasant eSports betting site to spend time on. Along with an abundance of markets, you can also conduct research by looking at various statistics pertaining to each player and team involved in a match. 


A veteran brand, 888sport has taken eSports betting more seriously than most other bookies and it shows. They deserve a spot on this list because their odds turned out to be the best available in 57% of all matches we monitored. 

Follow the Best LoL Tipsters

Once you’ve mastered the ins and outs of LoL betting and found the ideal markets, odds, and bookies, it’s time to amplify your bets using the knowledge provided by our LoL tipsters at ProTipster. Follow the tipsters with the best accuracy ratings and you will be able to win on a regular basis. By copying their bets, your own knowledge will grow, too. 

Post Your Own LoL Betting Tips

At ProTipster, you can not only find the best LoL predictions, but you can also share your own League of Legends tips, thereby helping the community grow. We appreciate every contribution, so we’ve decided to start a monthly LoL competition, where the most accurate tipsters get their part of cash prize of more than $2,500

What Are the Best League of Legends Teams?

A popular strategy used by experienced bettors is focusing on teams, instead of just chasing the best odds. Even though it’s theoretically more fruitful to aim for the most lucrative markets, such a strategy is unsustainable in practice. By following the best LoL teams, you can conduct focused research and have a myriad of LoL betting tips at your disposal. 

With that being said, here are the four teams you should definitely keep an eye on: 

FunPlus Phoenix

The 2019 world champions, FPP are the undisputed best team in the world right now. They are one of the most pleasant surprises in LoL history, as everyone counted them out until the moment the Summoner’s Cup was in their skilled hands. They completely annihilated G2 in last year’s finals, completing a spectacular sweep.

Invictus Gaming

Up until 2018, nobody considered them as real contenders. Even at the LOL WC, they were predicted to finish 4th or 5th, but the brilliance of TheShy and Rookie established their dominance in a blaze of glory. The two players are considered to be the best solo laners in the world and are instrumental to IG’s success. 

G2 eSports

If Invictus are the masters of improvisation, then G2 are the undisputed champions of strategic thinking. Mechanical execution is what made them so great over the course of the last few years, with the most stunning achievement being a first-place finish at the 2019 MSI. 


Holders of three WC titles, T1 are not to be counted out, no matter how tough of a stretch they’re going through. When you have Faker, the GOAT LoL players, on your team, you know that victory is always a possibility. 


Punters from across the globe adore placing bets on LoL matches, as the game is easy to learn and understand. The learning curve isn’t particularly steep, but you need to invest a lot of effort into grasping all the different markets that bookies offer. Remember to only use LoL betting tips that come from verified LoL tipsters, as extra knowledge is always a good way to emerge victorious in the end. If you follow the best teams, you’ll be able to focus on their strengths and weaknesses and absolutely dominate every bet you place.