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DOTA 2 Betting Guide: Tips, Predictions and Odds

The early 2000s are considered by many to be the golden era of gaming. While there was an abundance of iconic titles, none have made an impact as big as Warcraft III was able to make. What made this real-time strategy was iconic was the ability to create your own maps. 

As a result, Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) was born in 2003. Ten years later, Valve snatched up the copyrights and launched the sequel ten years later, marking the beginning of DOTA betting

So, what caused punters to flock to this lively game? While the reasons for the popularity of DOTA are plentiful, we have to say that it’s mostly due to the excitement and the number of variables in play. With so many heroes available, it’s impossible to predict the outcome and high odds are abundant. 

With that being said, now is the ideal time to join in on the fun. That’s why we’ve prepared an all-encompassing guide to learn the rules of the game, finding the best DOTA betting tips, and strengthening your bankroll in the process. Good luck! 

How to Bet on DOTA? 

DOTA is considered a ‘complicated’ game to bet on because, as of April 2020, there are 117 heroes to choose from. Each of those heroes has its own unique set of special abilities, stats. The game’s main designers, IceFrog, is known for creating strange heroes that can only be used in certain situations. It’s like a 117-piece version of rock-paper-scissors, where even the most powerful of heroes have a glaring weakness. 

What makes DOTA betting even more difficult is the fact that the game is much more strategically-oriented that LoL. It requires fast-paced communication and planning before a match even starts. When you add things like stacking, item picking, and stat builds, DOTA gets much more complex with every moment.

But, that doesn’t mean that DOTA is not fun or that there isn’t a strategy you can use to approach it. Before you start searching for the best DOTA betting tips, you can introduce your game through the following three steps: 


The game is free-to-play on Steam, which means that you can start right away. DOTA is renowned for providing its players with in-game guides, tutorials, various forms of matches against bots. If you’ve ever played the original game or even Warcraft III, you’ll find it much easier to break through the ranks. Also, if you have friends that play the game, ask them to coach you. 

Watch the best teams and players

Once you’ve fully grasped the rules of this game, you shouldn’t jump straight to hunting for DOTA predictions. Instead, follow all the top-ranked players and teams (we’ll cover them in later sections) on Twitch, and observe their gameplay. Memorize their strategies, but also keep an eye out for any mistakes they may make. 

Start by taking baby steps

The best way to kickstart your DOTA betting experience is to focus on the simplest bets, such as moneylines and map betting. By going down this route, you will gain confidence and win from the get-go. Too many bettors jump right at the juiciest odds, without even knowing what’s going on. Don’t do that. Patience is a virtue. 

What Are the Most Important Tournaments for DOTA betting? 

If you visit ProTipster, you will notice that most DOTA tipsters focus on covering the biggest tournaments. Why? Well, the bigger the competition, the better the coverage. Since the foremost DOTA events involve clashes between the top teams, there are ample amounts of stats about each player. This increased coverage means that you can base your bets on actual, tangible data. 

While the game is featured in a multitude of tournaments on a yearly basis, few events can match the magnitude of the following three:

The International DOTA 2 Championship

In terms of DOTA betting tips, there is no competition with better coverage than the famed International. Originally started in 2011 with a ‘measly prize pool of $1.6 million, this tournament evolved into DOTA’s very own world cup. The 2019 iteration saw a whopping $34 million go to the players, along with lucrative endorsement deals and other prizes. 

DOTA 2 Major Championships

Unlike the International, the Majors come in the form of a series of events. Every season, 4-6 events are organized in various cities around the world, with the best teams getting an automatic place in each event. There are also satellite tournaments for the Majors, while the best-placed squads at the events get a chance to play at the International. 

ESL Pro League & ESL One

Whenever you see the name ESL next to an event, you know it’s a hotspot for DOTA predictions. Think of Pro League and One events as the eSports version of the Barclay’s Premier League. While the level of competition is slightly lower when compared to the other top tourney, ESL events are much more dynamic and known for crazy upsets. That’s where you’ll find the best odds. 

Which Markets Exist for DOTA Betting? 

Believe it or not, DOTA matches provide almost the same markets that traditional sports events do. While there are special bets, hero-based props, and other wacky markets, the basics are more or less the same. 

This is why we recommend DOTA betting to any punter that might be bored when there aren’t any football or basketball matches to watch. Learning the ropes of this iconic title might be a daunting task, but the betting part is a piece of cake. The key is to approach every bet gradually, and the best way to do so is to start with these markets:


When translated to plain English, it’s betting who will win. Keep in mind that DOTA usually doesn’t feature draws, unless it’s a best-of-two match. Usually, most big events feature best-of-threes, best-of-fives, and for exhibition matches - best-of-ones. 


Before the event takes place, oddsmakers select one team as the favorite. This team is given a handicap, meaning that it’s not enough for them just to win - the win has to come above a certain margin. Handicaps go both ways, as underdogs aren’t required to win - they can lose, but not more than the limit imposed by the oddsmakers. 


Unlike moneylines and handicaps, total bets involve betting on the cumulative amount of matches/kills/assists and other statistics. This type of bet is considered as an approach more suited for beginners, according to most DOTA betting experts. 

Outright bets

Better known as futures, these bets allow you to pick the winner of a tournament before the whole thing even begins. There are situations where you can find DOTA betting tips after the tournament has begun, but we wouldn’t advise you to place bets then. Do it before the first match, just to retain those sweet high odds. 

While DOTA gambling mostly focuses on the aforementioned four-bet types, you can also take punts on things such as Roshan kills, courier kills, first blood, team to destroy tower 1, Godlike streams, and much more. However, these markets are considered to be much more difficult to accurately predict than the basic ones. 

How to Find the Best DOTA Odds? 

Most punters would tell you to visit various betting sites and compare odds. However, we at ProTipster think that this strategy is too time-consuming to be fruitful. Instead, all you need to do to find the best DOTA betting odds is to use our odds comparison tools. 

Go to our eSports section, click on an event that appeals to you, and select a market. Then, a series of odds from the best eSports bookies will appear. Select the best, and you’re on your way to maximize your winnings. Aside from pre-match bets, you can also find outright bets and all kinds of wacky and unorthodox markets. Talk about a full package, huh? 

Does Live/In-play Betting Exist for DOTA Matches?

Yes, of course. In fact, eSports has become the main hub for live betting in recent years. Not only are bookmakers eager to offer more markets, but games are also fast-paced, which allows punters to quickly snatch the best odds and emerge as victors. 

 What Are the Best Betting Sites for DOTA?

Since DOTA is the most popular sport in the world of eSports, more and more bookmakers and jumping on the bandwagon. Currently, we’re looking at a market that has been effectively overflooded by subpar betting sites, many of whom operate without a license or without any security measures at all. 


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To be absolutely certain that you made the right choice, take a look at our bookmaker reviews at ProTipster. Both experts and community members chime in with their honest impressions, helping you make the best choice. With that being said, we determined that these bookies have what it takes: 


The absolute best eSports bookie, Betway has it all. From obscure tournaments to unorthodox bet types, you can really take DOTA betting to the absolute extreme with this versatile betting site. 


While Betway has the best variety in the market, 1xBet takes the cake when it comes to creating a unique betting experience. You can find all existing statistics pertaining to your favorite DOTA players and teams, so you can base your bets on tangible evidence, in addition to DOTA betting tips. 


Even though they don’t boast the same prowess as the other two bookies on this list, 888sport has better odds than both. In most cases, they will offer bet boosters, promotions, and other exciting awards to all those willing to try their luck at taking punts on eSports.

Follow the Best DOTA Tipsters

ProTipsters is more than just a website - it’s a lively, dynamic community of betting aficionados. Once you register on the site, you can easily follow the best DOTA tipsters and use their knowledge to boost your own bets. Each tipster has a clearly visible success rate, which allows you to get the best of the best when it comes to DOTA predictions. 

Post Your Own DOTA Tips

What if we told you that you can make money using your own prediction skills? Yes, you heard us right! At ProTipster, you can post your own DOTA betting tips and have a chance to win from the monthly prize pool of more than $2,500. Our monthly tipster competition was created to reward the most accurate tipsters and encourage them to contribute even more. Try your luck and see what happens! 

What Are the Best DOTA Teams?

When betting on DOTA matches, a popular strategy is to bet on the best teams. It’s a proven approach that minimizes the risk factor, as the top-ranked teams are more likely to win and breathe life into your bankroll. While betting on the underdog is enticing due to high odds, taking punts on the top dogs is the most fruitful and secure way to approach the game.

So, who should you bet on? According to the global DOTA 2 rankings, here are your potential targets. 

Team Secret

Founded in 2014, these European giants had a meteoric rise to fame, with Monkey King, Bounty Hunter, and Rubick being their signature heroes. So far, they’ve managed to earn more than $10 in tournament prizes, making them one of the most successful teams of all time. 

Vici Gaming

China’s joy and pride, Vici Gaming are known for their versatility and the ability to be successful despite players coming and going on a regular basis. 2019 was their best year, as they’ve steamrolled teams such as NewB, PSG.LDG, and iG.


One of the first sports franchises to trot out a DOTA team, Paris Saint Germain joined forces with LDG to field a team that’s mostly comprised of Chinese players. They won over $15 million throughout their existence, making them the top dogs on the global DOTA scene. 


Not even a year old, Nigma recruited a multinational roster of players. They are known for being incredibly versatile, as well as for their unorthodox hero picks. Clinkz, Windrager, and Chen are their favorites. 


While betting on DOTA might seem challenging at first, it gets easier the more your play and watch the game. Once you understand the basics, you can start by focusing on simple markets and expand your interests as you advance. Use the ProTipsters odds comparison tool, as well as the bookmaker reviews. That way, you’ll be able to combine your knowledge with the most ideal opportunity. Good luck and remember - practice makes perfect!