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What you can buy with ProTipster Coins

What you can buy with ProTipster Coins

Hello and welcome to another ProTipster Coins tutorial. Today we’re going to be telling you about some of the great things you can use your ProTipster Coins for on the ProTipster website.

What is ProTipster?

If you didn’t already know, ProTipster is the best sports-tipping platform on the internet. With ProTipsters you can earn real money by sharing your winning sports tips and coupons. When you register to join the site you can then share your sports tips and accumulators/coupons and earn ProTipster Coins as they win.

If you don’t feel like sharing tips or aren’t very confident in them you can also follow other successful sports tipsters on our ProTipster website, it’s really easy to do. Just go to the Tips section of our website, which you’ll see at the top of the home page, or go to the Tipsters section located in the same header. From there you will find 1000s of great tips from upcoming sports events.

As your successful sports tips earn you ProTipster Coins you can exchange them in our brilliant ProTipster Shop for some exclusive ProTipster features, such as: additional limits, exclusive bookie bonuses and, once you’ve earned enough, cold, hard cash.

Let us tell you then about how you can earn ProTipster Coins on the ProTipster website. There are three different ways to earn our ProTipster Coins; posting sports tips, coupons (accumulators) and by matching your bookie account to your ProTipster account.

How do you find out how many ProTipster Coins you have? That’s easy, just click on your profile avatar in the top right-hand corner of the screen and you’ll see how many ProTipsters Coins you have.

Spending ProTipster Coins

The ProTipster Coins work like our internal currency, you can exchange them for exclusive offers in our shop for things such as: adding an Animated Avatar to your profile, rising the limits for posting tips or when you’ve earned enough, you can exchange your ProTipster Coins for cold, hard cash.

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