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What is a Surebet? How can you get bonuses with a Surebet?

What is a Surebet? How can you get bonuses with a Surebet?

When signing up with a new bookmaker, punters often get a deposit bonus in the form of free bets. This bonus is not withdrawable as cash immediately, but it is possible if you know how to make a “surebet." It guarantees you winnings and walking away with cold hard cash in your pocket. 

How do I make a surebet?

The only surefire way of guaranteeing a bet as a winner is to cover all possible outcomes. To do this, you need to be able to make bets in the same way as a bookmaker does. This is called “laying” a bet.

To do this, you are going to need an account with a betting exchange such as Betfair, Betdaq, or Matchbook. A betting exchange allows you to make a bet with another customer – which gives you the possibility of laying a bet. Another option is using two different bookmakers to cover all outcomes. It's also called matched betting.

How does a surebet work?

The idea of a surebet is betting with your deposit bonus. Then bet the exact opposite of that choice with a betting exchange. For example, if you back Real Madrid to beat Barcelona with your bookmaker, then you will need to lay Real Madrid to beat Barcelona. If you are not using a betting exchange, you can also bet on Barcelona not to lose in your another bookie account. It means you covered all possibilities for 1x2 market.

It’s essential to take into account a couple of important factors when doing this. Firstly, the odds with the betting exchange need to be as close to the odds with the bookmakers as possible. It's better to stick with the bookmakers which offer higher odds. Secondly, the maximum liability with the betting exchange needs to be exactly equal to the profit you would make with your bookmaker.

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How do I make profits with surebets?

Some bookmakers will insist that you must “turn over” your deposit bonus more than once before you can withdraw it. What that means is that you must use it as a bet, win, and then use it as a bet again and win before you can withdraw it as cash. Using the method described above gets around that.

If you have placed a surebet and your bet with the bookmaker loses, then your bet with the betting exchange wins and that cash can be withdrawn straight away. If the bet with the bookmaker wins, provided you have stuck to the rules and ensured that the liability with the exchange is exactly equal to the profit made with the bookmaker you are no worse off. You can repeat the method until you can either withdraw money from the bookmakers or the bet with the betting exchange wins.

Is there any risk with surebets?

We can't call surebet as betting or gambling. It's just a guaranteed win, but there are slight risks which we listed below.

  • Postponed Matches
  • Canceled Matches
  • Retired Players(For tennis matches)

Some bookmakers have different terms and conditions for postponed and canceled matches. So you should be sure that the bookmakers which you choose have the same conditions. Because what will happen if the game stopped at 65th minutes? Imagine one of the bookmakers void your bets while another one is taking into account the result at that moment or wait for a rematch. Don't choose derbies and also take a look at weather conditions before the match. 

Always avoid tennis matches for sure bets. Because there are many possibilities for not finished events (weather conditions, retired players) and many bookmakers, act differently for these situations and stick with reliable bookmakers. After your winnings, you should know you can withdraw easily. You can read our bookmaker reviews from here.

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