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What is 1X2 Betting? | ProTipster Academy

What is 1X2 Betting? | ProTipster Academy

What is 1X2 betting? For those who are new to football betting world 1X2 betting is the simplest way to get into football betting. We've put together this handy guide to 1X2 betting to help you to improve your betting profits. Read more below to find out what 1x2 betting means, how it works and how to make the most from it.

What is 1X2 betting?

1X2 betting is the simplest market in football betting as it involves picking which team will win the game. The name “1X2 betting” refers to the three options available in the market:

  • Backing the home team, which is signified by the number 1
  • Backing the draw, which is signified by the letter X
  • Or backing the away team, which is signified by the number 2

There are other names for this bet, such as “full time result”, “match betting” or “three-way bet”.

In normal league games, the bet is won if a punter’s selection is the correct result of the fixture. However it’s worth bearing in mind that there can be some exceptions, especially in cup football. In games which are decided by extra time and/or penalties, 1X2 betting is based on the result after 90 minutes only. This is because if a game goes into additional time and/or penalties the draw option is no longer available.

How can I be good at 1X2 Betting?

With the 1X2 betting market being very accessible to new gamblers, it’s an easy one to get started in. Being successful in gambling on the 1X2 market takes a little practice, but there are some simple things to take into account. You can read about those in our how to bet on football article.

The most obvious thing to take into account is the relative form of each team. If a team is on a great run of form at home then it’s probable that they will come into their next game at home full of confidence and are more likely to in. Likewise, if a team hasn’t won away in months then they will lack confidence the next time they travel.

There are other factors that can be taken into account too. These include statistical factors like historical games between the teams; environmental factors such as the weather on the day and the altitude of the home stadium; and variable match factors like injuries to players or the referee chosen to officiate in the game.

What other markets are linked to 1X2 betting?

For those looking for an additional edge, there are other markets which are derivative from the original 1X2 line. These include markets like double chance, where a punter can select two out of three outcomes instead of one; and handicap markets where the odds are levelled by adding or subtracting goal starts to teams.

These markets are a little bit more complex but work on roughly the same principle – they are based on which team wins and by how many goals. They are useful in games where there is a heavy favourite and the odds against them winning are seen as miserly.

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