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How to Make Money From Your Betting Tips?

How to Make Money From Your Betting Tips?

Sports betting is big business with billions being wagered each year with online bookmakers. The advance of websites like Betfair has revolutionised the betting industry allowing ordinary punters to become bookies themselves, laying odds and trading wagers as gambling professionals.

5 Tips to Beginner Tipsters - How to Earn Money with Your Predictions

As betting online has increased so has the importance of tipsters – knowledgable people who can offer an insight into what to back and at what price. With more types of markets for more sports being offered than ever, it’s now possible for almost anyone to build an online career as a tipster. Here are our tips for becoming a “Pro Tipster”.

1) Build from your own sports knowledge

The first place to start is with what you already know. Nearly everyone who bets on sports follows one sport or another so it would make sense to use that knowledge to find the bets that are worth backing. Maybe you know that a player is likely to come back that isn’t in the news; a crucial injury that’s been kept quiet – or even when a “hoodoo” is affecting a particular team or player’s confidence. Use that knowledge to search for value in odds where a bookmaker has maybe seen the circumstances that you have. If you want to learn more about value betting, read our article about it.

2) Ignore your heart

However, it’s important to be objective with your tips. You might think your team is the greatest ever but always backing them to win may not be a profitable experience for you. If a team or player are rank outsiders with the bookies then there is normally a good reason for that and as such you have to be careful reasoning for taking them on.

3) Start simple

For the beginner there is a bewildering number of markets available to stake money on; some are more complex than others complete with rules that may be difficult to understand at first glance. Betting without understanding the rules fully is a surefire way to lose money and so it follows the sensible thing to do is to start with the basic markets and work from there. Especially for football betting, there are many different bet types on ProTipster too. For example, Asian Handicaps are one of the hardest the understanding for beginners. You can check here to understand how to bet on Asian handicaps.

4) Learn from other tipsters

One of the easiest ways to understand how the more complex markets work is to see what others do and learn from them. By following a tipster’s history and seeing where they make their money it’s possible to understand the vagaries of both the bookmaker you’re betting with and the sport you’re betting on – and to learn from someone else’s successes and mistakes. ProTipster is a platform and community for tipsters first and foremost which is why we promote the idea of building a network of tipsters to follow – and why we offer a history of data so people can check a tipster is as good as they say they are.

If you want to learn how professional tipsters are analyzing matches, you can try ProTipster. Many professional tipsters are in the ProTipster community and they are providing their tips on a regular basis.

5) Enjoy it

The most important thing with gambling is to enjoy it – and to know when to walk away.

ProTipster is absolutely free to join with no hidden fees or charges. You can post and view free tips on ProTipster.

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Are you a champion tipster? Are your betting tips the best around? Great – we want you to post tips on ProTipster – and we will pay you cash for them, without you risking a penny. Every month tipsters are receiving $1000 from ProTipster. The top tipster wins $300 and we are awarding the best 10 tipsters specialising in Football, Tennis, Basketball and Ice Hockey. ProTipster tipster competitions can be the perfect start for your tipster career. You can compare yourself directly with others, share your statistics from social media, improve your betting skills and try new strategies. While doing these you have a chance to win money. What can you expect more? 

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