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How to Build Winning Accumulators? | ProTipster Academy

How to Build Winning Accumulators? | ProTipster Academy

Do you know how to find the best accumulator tips? This article is designed to help you get the most from your online betting by helping you understand what makes good accumulator tips and what you should be looking for. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Understanding how accumulator tips work

Accumulators - or coupons, as they are also known - have become a ritual for many football gamblers. Rather than spreading their money out over a variety of bets, an accumulator puts all the bets into one, multiplying the odds making for a hefty payout should the bet come off. However, if one of the selections fails then the accumulator also fails - so it's important that you get the best accumulator tips if you are to pull this off.

There are many different strategies for creating good accumulators.

Some tipsters like to give accumulator tips complete with selections with low odds.  The idea behind this is to utilise bets that have a high probability of winning and combining these to get odds that are more desirable than the single bets on offer.

Alternatively, other gamblers like to use accumulator tips with a small number of selections but with higher odds. While there is less chance of an accumulator like this winning, a gambler may well put much less money on the bet with the knowledge that if it comes in the return will still be good.

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Finding the best accumulator tips

Finding accumulator tips can be hard work. This is because understanding the statistics behind how well a tipster has done is made additionally complicated by having multiple selections in one bet.

One solution for this is to find a website that allows single tips to be combined in an accumulator or coupon so that a gambler can see what the combined odds for all the selections in the accumulator would be. This way a user could assemble their own accumulator tips from the best tips they have found to give themselves a better chance of success.

The accumulator has become an immensely popular way for people to place their sports bets. For shrewd punters and tipsters, the “acca” is a great way to multiply profits and to make money from the bookies quickly. Do you know the best way to build your accumulator?

The best football Tips for your accumulator

Statistically, around 48% of football matches end as a home win. Therefore, it would make sense to concentrate on home wins as they are more likely to happen. While the odds are often less favourable for home wins there is a reason that the best tipsters will go with “home bankers” in their accumulators – they win!

Checking form tables for your football tips

The best tipsters and punters spend time researching form. Form is an important guide to how a team might perform in their next game. It might be that a team is in a “false position” in the table and their recent form is a better indicator of what they are likely to do next. You can check our football form guide which we are updating regularly with the best in-form teams.

For example, a team might be in a low position in the table due to early season injuries but a few successive wins points to a team that will steadily rise back to where they belong.

Understanding value in your football bets

Value is very important when placing your football bets. Value is where the odds of an outcome happening are much better than the odds being offered by the bookies. For example, if you’ve found a team to win at home at 3.00 but you know it should be closer to 2.00, then you’ve found value and you should back it. We explained more details for you to understand the meaning of value betting. Click here to read our comprehensive article.

Avoid tips with big odds

On the one hand, a 9.00 bet will multiple your potential accumulator winnings astronomically. On the other hand… a bet will be priced at 9.00 because it’s unlikely to happen. As tempting as it is to ramp up potential winnings the key word is potential – you can’t take potential cash to the bank!

Don’t tip your own side

While the temptation to back your own favourite team in an accumulator is strong because you know your own team best, it’s wise to understand that your thoughts will be biased and more subjective than objective. Plus… while it sucks to see your team lose, imagine how bad you’d feel if your team lost and they blew a five match accumulator for you?

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