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Corner Betting Tips | ProTipster Academy

Corner Betting Tips | ProTipster Academy

Do you know how to make the most of corner betting tips? Corner betting is one of the new niche markets offered by bookies to punters looking for something a little bit different to bet on during football games. We’ve put together this guide as part of our ProTipster Academy guide to football betting to help you understand what the market is, how it works and how you can improve your betting profits with corner betting tips.

What are corner betting tips?

Betting on corners is a relatively new innovation in online football betting. It’s come about because football is traditionally a low-scoring sport where underdogs can snatch draws and even victories, which can make betting on the outcome of a game or even total goals low in value.

With this in mind, bookies have introduced markets where it’s possible to bet on the number of corners within a match. There are normally three markets available within corner betting. These are:

  • Total corners: Like total goals markets, these work on an over/under basis. A bookie will offer a “line” of a number of corners within a game or for a set team, and a punter can bet if the number of corners will be over or under that line. A sample bet would be over/under 10.5 corners in a game.
  • Moneyline: This is more like the 12X market, where a punter can bet on which team will have the most corners in a game. An example bet would be “Sheffield United vs Norwich City, Sheffield United to have the most corners”.
  • Handicap: This market assigns a handicap to one side, with the bet then being if a team has the most corners with the handicap assigned to them. For example, if Manchester City are -2.5 corner handicap, then they would have to have more than 3 more corners than their opposition for the bet to win.

This means that there are plenty of options available to find corner betting tips in. Check out corner betting markets with our partner bookies with this link.

What corner betting tips should I look for?

Football matches can be strange. There are times when a team can have all the play but go on to lose thanks to a moment of luck for the opposition – and that is what makes football betting hard sometimes. However, betting on corners is a bit less problematic as even if the result goes against the favourite, often the way the match is played won’t.

Like with all kinds of betting, it’s wise to check up on statistics for teams before placing your bets. However, it’s not just numbers of corners per game that are important. There are plenty of other things to keep in mind before using corner betting tips.

Corners come about normally as a result of attacking football. Therefore, if a team looks destined to pepper their opposition with shots, it’s likely they will have a greater number of corners even if they do not win the game. Furthermore, corners tend to come in clusters as the defending team will often clear or deflect the ball behind the goal.

There are specific types of team that you can look for that should have lots of corners in their game. The teams that have most corners tend to play expansive, attacking football where they cross the ball in from wide. These kinds of balls challenge defenders to clear their lines which often means putting it behind the goal-line for a corner. Likewise, teams that like to shoot frequently from outside the area will rack up corners as shots can be deflected behind by defenders or saved by goalkeepers as they look to keep the ball out.

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