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Both Teams To Score tips and how to find them

Both Teams To Score tips and how to find them

Are you looking for good Both Teams To Score tips to improve your betting profits? We’ve put together this article to help you understand what BTTS tips to look for, along with how tipsters use statistics to find good value in the Both Teams To score market. You can find great football tips for this market along with many others at ProTipster.

What are Both Teams To Score tips?

Both Teams to Score tips are football tips for a very specific betting market. There are only two outcomes available in this market – either “Yes”, which means that you are betting on both teams to score a goal in the match, or “No” in which you are betting on either only one or neither team to score a goal in the match.

A perfectly even BTTS market will have either outcome available at about 1.90. This is because the bookie has a margin on all odds, decreasing the odds offered from the statistical odds for a 50/50 outcome of 2.00 to 1.90.

However, BTTS markets will move depending on variables concerning the teams involved; for example, if one team has a very good defensive record. If a team has kept a number of clean sheets in their recent matches, then it’s statistically more likely that they will do so again in the next game, making “No” more likely. Likewise, if a team are prone to defensive errors then they are more likely to concede and “Yes” becomes the favourite.

Statistics only tell part of the story though.

How to find Both Teams to Score tips?

A good tipster will look for value. This is where the odds available from a bookmaker are better than the likely outcome of something happening – and this is often possible with both teams to score tips.

While statistics play an underlying role in a tipster’s thought process, the BTTS market is often dictated by which players are playing against each other. What a tipster will be looking at is the relative attacks and defences for each team; if a defence has a known weakness or if an attack is in potent form.

The defence is always more important with both teams to score tips.

A good example of this would be a very good attacking team playing an underdog away from home. It’s almost certain that the very good team will score against the underdog, but the question is if the underdog would get a goal – even in “consolation”.

In this sort of instance the defence is key; some attacking teams will happily continually attack without giving thought to defence because they are certain they will score more goals and win. The BTTS bet in this case is a bet if a team will “win to zero” or not.

Related markets to Both Teams To Score Tips

One of the great things is that there are other markets related to Both Teams to Score tips – which means if value can’t be found in the BTTS market it may be available elsewhere.

For example, if a punter is certain that a team will not score, then it would also be worth looking at what odds are on offer for under 0.5 total goals for that team. Likewise, the total goals markets are also worth looking at; if both teams score then there will be at least two goals in the game.

Another potential market to look at is the Asian handicap market. If a punter is certain both teams will score and one team is a heavy favourite, then the question is will the underdog score enough goals to “beat the spread”.

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