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11:35 Zhejiang Lions Liaoning Flying Leopards 11 tips


11:35 Zhejiang Lions Liaoning Flying Leopards 8 tips


11:35 Liaoning Flying Leopards Zhejiang Lions 12 tips


11:35 Liaoning Flying Leopards Zhejiang Lions 15 tips


11:35 Shanghai Sharks Zhejiang Lions 17 tips


11:35 Guandong Southern Tigers Liaoning Flying Leopards 16 tips


11:35 Zhejiang Lions Shanghai Sharks 19 tips


11:35 Liaoning Flying Leopards Guandong Southern Tigers 30 tips


11:35 Zhejiang Lions Shanghai Sharks 11 tips


11:35 Liaoning Flying Leopards Guandong Southern Tigers 27 tips


11:35 Jilin Northeast Tigers Zhejiang Lions 14 tips 07:00 Shenzhen Aviators Shanghai Sharks 13 tips


11:35 Shanxi Loongs Liaoning Flying Leopards 5 tips 07:00 Guandong Southern Tigers Zhejiang Golden Bulls 15 tips


11:35 Shanghai Sharks Shenzhen Aviators 31 tips 07:00 Zhejiang Lions Jilin Northeast Tigers 17 tips


11:35 Zhejiang Golden Bulls Guandong Southern Tigers 22 tips 07:00 Liaoning Flying Leopards Shanxi Loongs 13 tips


11:35 Guangzhou Long Lions Shanxi Loongs 18 tips


11:35 Shandong Heroes Shenzhen Aviators 26 tips 07:00 Jilin Northeast Tigers Beijing Ducks 25 tips


11:35 Tianjin Pioneers Guandong Southern Tigers 11 tips 07:00 Shanxi Loongs Guangzhou Long Lions 12 tips


11:35 Beijing Ducks Jilin Northeast Tigers 9 tips 07:00 Shenzhen Aviators Shandong Heroes 9 tips

Chinese CBA Betting Tips and Predictions

CBA Tips

Are you looking for CBA Tips? On this page you will find tips for CBA games individually rated on a scale from 0 to 10 to help you find the tips you need.

How to find CBA Tips

league in China. It is widely regarded as the most prestigious basketball league in Asia. The league is contested by 20 teams from throughout China. Teams play 38 games in a regular season which runs from October until February. The top eight teams in the league then go forward to the playoffs which run February until March. The playoffs are played as a seeded knockout tournament with the first round being best of five series while the semi-finals and finals are both best of seven. Matches are played throughout the week so there should always be games available for tips during the regular season. Matches become available for CBA tips up to 72 hours before tip off. However, most users may find that tips are posted in the immediate hours before the game as tipsters like to check things like injury news and starting lines. There are also live CBA tips available while a game is in progress. These tips need to be used quickly as odds can change rapidly with the ebb and flow of game play. CBA tips are available in a variety of betting markets. These include simple markets like team to win and total points along with more complex markets such as Asian and European handicaps.

ProTipster and CBA tips

All CBA tips are individually rated by ProTipster on a scale from 0 to 10 with tips rated at 10 the most likely to win. ProTipster uses an algorithm to rate tips. This works by looking at how well a tipster has performed previously in the same betting market, with the same teams and in the same tournament before assigning a score. This is to help users find the tips they need without having to wade through lots of difficult to understand statistics. This information is also useful for tipsters. ProTipster feeds back data to tipsters so that they can check their own betting trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. The more tips a tipster posts, the more data that can be analysed and the more accurate insights will be. Join ProTipster today to find out how you can improve your betting profits with CBA tips.