What is Acca Insurance?

Many punters laugh at the notion of acca insurance. Do they have a point? Not quite. Splashing out ungodly amounts of money on singles can be exciting, but there isn’t any room for error. If you want to win, you can’t really rely on high odds, nor will you boost your bankroll if you prioritize winning. Because of these deficiencies, singles were overtaken by accumulator bets in terms of popularity. 

However, accas have that nasty habit of losing just because of one market. Due to this being a common occurrence, bookmakers came up with the revolutionary concept of acca insurance. It’s by far one of the best tools a bettor can use and we’ll use this post to demonstrate its benefits. Once you’ve mastered this approach, you’ll have sufficient protection against upsets. 

What is an Acca Insurance Offer?

Before we get to the technicalities, we need to understand what an acca insurance offer actually is. By definition, it’s a promotional offer or welcome bonus offered by bookmakers. Therefore, it can be used by both new and old users, but this depends on the bookie and what is their goal when it comes to launching such an offer. 

Regardless of who uses it, acca insurance prevents you from losing money when one leg of your accumulator loses. Since accas involve the multiplication on odds from all your markets, you don’t need to choose exceptionally high odds. That’s why so many accumulator bets are botched by a single fixture that goes wrong. 

An acca insurance offer lets you get your money back if one leg of your acca bet failed to play out as you thought it would. Too messed-up for you? Don’t worry, we’ve also prepared an example: 

You’re bored on a Friday night and are looking for Premier League predictions for tomorrow. After a bit of research, you find the following five fixtures interesting:

  • Manchester United. v. Wolverhampton 
  • Manchester City v. Brighton
  • Crystal Palace v. Liverpool
  • Arsenal v. Burnley 
  • Sheffield United v. Norwich 

The odds aren’t particularly high, but can significantly boost your bankroll when they’re multiplied in an accumulator bet. That’s why you pick the following teams to win: Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Sheffield United. You wager £10 and all there is left to do is to wait. 

Everything is going great until Arsenal concedes two goals in the last three minutes, causing them to lose the match and your acca to ‘sink’. Here are your potential two outcomes: 

  1. Without an acca insurance offer, you will lose your £10. 
  2. With an acca insurance offer, you will get your £10 back because one leg lost and you’ve fulfilled the qualification criteria. It’s like nothing ever happened! 

Therefore, an acca insurance offer is basically a free bet that turns risk into a win-win situation. Without using this benefit, you would be required to have every leg of your acca win, if you were to see any money. Once you’ve chosen a suitable form of acca insurance, you will either win big or get a chance to redeem yourself. 

Professional bettors and bonus hunters alike love acca insurance offers because they give them a second shot at some great odds or promotional periods. It can be the difference between starting a hot streak and continuing an ice-cold one. Believe it or not, this is just the tip of the icebergs when it comes to the benefits of this sports betting tool.

How Does Acca Insurance Work? 

We’ve already mentioned that using acca insurance lets you get your money back, but a large majority of punters still don't understand how exactly it provides value to one’s sports betting endeavours. Thus, asking how it works is the most logical course of action you can take. Our team at ProTipster analyzed dozens of acca insurance offers and concluded that they work in the following two ways:

  • Providing value. You might not see it at first, but using acca insurance lets you take risks that you would otherwise scoff at. As such, this action gives you a better chance of winning more money just by enticing you to take a risk because it’s, technically, not a risk anymore. Even if you fail due to a last-minute goal, you will still be compensated and you’ll get to do it all over again. 
  • Testing a new bookmaker. Unbeknownst to most, using acca insurance is actually a great way to get acquainted with a new betting site. You will test all the essential facets of a bookie, including the two most important ones - transactions and placing a bet. By taking such a risk-averse approach, you’ll essentially get ample opportunities to determine whether it’s a right fit for you or not.  

How to Place an Acca Insurance Qualifying Bet?

Great question. Unfortunately, there is no single answer that can shed light on this dilemma. The details of the process depend on the bookmaker itself, as well as on any changes they might introduce without noticing acca insurance users beforehand. However, there are certain industry norms that are respected by most legitimate bookmakers

You’ll most likely encounter odds limitations, which means that you won’t qualify for acca insurance if odds on any of your markets are below 2.00/1.70/1.50/1.25. On top of that, you’ll also see that qualifying for an acca insurance offer usually involves picking no less than five different markets to bet on. In some cases, bookies even forbid players from qualifying if they picked more than one market per fixture. 

To be certain about what you have to do, always read the terms and conditions of both the bookmaker as a whole and the acca insurance offer you’re interested in. 

Which Bookmakers Have Acca Insurance? 

Almost every big name in the online sports betting world offers some kind of acca insurance. The concept has become so popular that no betting site can afford to lose out on punters that prefer using this tool. Some of the most notable ones are 1xBet, 22Bet, BetWinner, and William Hill

Again, it’s important to know that each bookie has a different approach to the concept of acca insurance. Be careful when choosing any particular offer and don’t avoid reading the entire set of instructions, just to be sure that you haven’t missed anything. 

Best Acca Insurance Offers

Even though the market for acca insurance is technically oversaturated, we were able to find three offers that tower above the rest. Here they are:

William Hill All Sports Acca Insurance

This iconic British bookie is known for allowing its players to bet freely and this offer is no exception. If one leg of your five-leg acca loses, you get up to £20 back. You only have to pick odds that are 1.20 or greater, which is pretty rational. 


Welcome Offer

Promo Code P30

Bet £10 and get £30

1xBet Paid-for Acca Insurance

1xBet are masters of innovation, and this concept continues to prove that. Unlike many other bookies that offer acca insurance in the form of a bonus, this sportsbook lets you pay to ensure any percentage of your wager. The insurance price varies depending on the odds. 


1xBet Bonus


Use promo code PROTIPSTER


BetWinner Acca & Singles Insurance

Just like 1xBet, BetWinner offers acca insurance as a paid service. Even though most of the promotion is copied by one bookie from another, we do prefer 1xBet because of its interface and expansive sports offer.


Welcome Offer


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