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Where can I buy ProTipster Coins?

    You can buy coins by clicking on Buy Coins button at the top of our main page.

  • Which payment methods do you support for buying PTc?

    For now, PTc are only available for purchase via Neteller method.
 Other credit card and other online wallets should be available soon.

I spent some PTc but I want to withdraw the rest – is it possible?

    Unfortunately, you can't withdraw the PTc's you purchased.

  • I bought a tip but I didn’t like it, can I get a refund?

    You can get a full refund of your Coins if the tip isn't WON. If your tip LOST or is VOID tip you will get your coins returned back to your Wallet and you can use them to buy other tips. We do not refund your Coins if you bought a tip that won, unless you have a legitimate claim about fraud – in such case, please contact us at and explain your case in detail.

  • Do I get all the money if someone buys my Content?

    You get 70% of the fee you charge. 30% goes to ProTipster as service charge.

How can I withdraw the PTc I earned?

    You can withdraw minimum 50 Coins (PTc). We have a fix rate of 1 PTc = 1 EUR. Once you earn 50 PTc or more via selling tips, you can contact us at and we will process your withdrawal within 7 business days.

  • Do you send money to my bank account when I withdraw?

    No. ProTipster works with Neteller when it comes to processing withdrawals.

  • Can I do more than one withdrawal per month?

    No you can not. You can withdraw money only once per month.

Can I transfer my earned PTc to buy Tips of other members?

    Yes, you can transfer your earned PTc to your Wallet and buy tips of other members. Please remember that this is a one-way transaction i.e. you cannot transfer your money back to withdraw them again.

I bought PTc 4 months ago but they are no longer in my account – why?

    You need to use the PTc you bought within 3 months.

  • Do you have any commision for each sale?

    ProTipster cuts 30% commission for each sale.

  • Is there minimum withdrawal amount?

    Yes, minimum withdrawal amount is 50 PTC coins (50 EUR).

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