Getting started

  • How do I get an account?

    You can sign in via your Facebook or Google Plus account or you can create a separate account by filling out our membership form.

  • Do I have to register an account?

    You must have a ProTipster member to share, sell your picks or to see picks already made.

  • Do I have to pay for registering?

It is free to be a member of ProTipster

  • Do you guarantee I will make profit if I follow the Picks at ProTipster?

    Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that. Your profit depends on the tipster you prefer to follow and therefore, it is completely your responsibility.

  • Can I bet on those Picks at ProTipster with real money?

    No. ProTipster is absolutely not a betting site. Members of ProTipster can only trade their picks.


  • How can I change my profile details?

    Click the arrow on the right hand side of the screen, then click on “Settings” in the dropdown menu. You can make changes in your profile using this page.

  • Can I change my password?


Yes. After getting to the “Settings”, you can change your password by clicking “Password” on the right column of the page.

  • Can I change my username or email address?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to change your username or e-mail address for now.

  • Why do you need my phone number or Twitter?

    We ask for your telephone number for the SMS service we will activate in the future. But it is optional to share this information.

  • Can I delete my profile?

    No. Unfortunately you can not delete your profile.

Posting Picks

  • Do I have to post Picks to use ProTipster?

    No, you don't. You can just read and buy the picks that were shared, as well as sharing your own picks if you want.

  • How can I post a Pick?

    Click on “Post” tab on the top bar, choose your pick about the game you prefer in the list you will see. Your pick is posted when you confirm it in the pick slip at the right hand side of the screen.

  • What is a Stake?

    Stake measures the risk you estimate for your pick. It also shows how much the Tipster is confident about the pick.

  • Where are you getting your odds?

    ProTipster gets its odds directly from BetRadar.

  • Why are the odds at ProTipster so low?

    ProTipsters wants its user who evaluates the picks to find, at least, similar odds in betting offices. To make sure this is the case, we keep our odds a little low.

  • I posted a Pick but it does not show up at View page?


When the game you made a pick about kicks off, your pick will disappear from View section. If you encounter any other problem, please let us know through Feedback page.

  • Can I post more than one Pick per match? 


Yes. As long as you post your picks in different markets, you can send more than pick for a match.

  • Are there any stake or odds limit when I am posting Picks?


Stake limit for your each pick is five and you can not make a pick for odds lower than 1.30

  • I want to post a Pick but I cannot find the match in your list?


You can choose any game you want by using Sport and Category dropdown menus. If you can't find the match you want in ProTipster, it may have kicked off already and the league of that match may not have been included in our site.

  • I want to post a Pick but the match is not available – what must I do?

    It may have kicked off already and the league of that match may not have been included in the site. In any other case, please reach us through Feedback page.

  • Can I delete a Pick after I post it?

    No. It is not possible to delete your pick for now.

  • How do you calculate the outcome of my Picks?

    Your picks are automatically settled, loss or profit it brought are calculated.

Tipster Ranking

  • I see members whose names are written with different colors - what does it mean?

    There are six different hierarchical ranks in ProTipster and each of these ranks is represented in six different color. These are respectively:


Rank 0 - Member (blue)

    Rank 1 - Promising Tipster (green)

    Rank 2 - Proven Tipster (yellow)

    Rank 3 - Epic Tipster (purple)

    Rank 4 - Legendary Tipster (orange)
Rank 5 - The Oracle (maroon)

  • How can I become a ProTipster?

    If you share your picks and meet our requirements, you can be a ProTipster.

  • How many levels of ProTipsters are there?

    There are five different ProTipster levels, except Rank 0.
 My rank was 4 and it suddenly became 0 - I thought downgrade happens one by one as well?

Unfortunately, when your profit fall below zero, your rank also gets automatically to zero.

  • I got a downgrade, what happens now?

    Keep posting your picks and if you can get back up to required level, you could earn upgrades and level up.


Where can I buy ProTipster Coins?

    You can buy coins by clicking on Buy Coins button at the top of our main page.

Which payment methods do you support for buying PTc?

 For now, PTc's are only available for purchase via Neteller method.

I spent some PTc but I want to withdraw the rest – is it possible?

    Unfortunately, you can't withdraw the PTc's you purchased.

Do I get all the money if someone buys my Content?

    Yes. You can withdraw all the money you made.

How can I withdraw the PTc I earned?

    At the moment, you need to reach us through Feedback page for us to manually activate your transaction and make the payment to your Neteller account. But you will be able to withdraw your money automatically in short time.

Do you send money to my bank account when I withdraw?

    No. ProTipster makes your payment to your Neteller account.

Can I do more than one withdrawal per month?


No you can not. You can withdraw money only once per month.

Can I transfer my earned PTc to buy Picks of other members?

    Yes, you can transfer your earned PTc's to buying section to purchase other members' picks.

I bought PTc 4 months ago but they are no longer in my account – why?

    Unfortunately, in case of no PTc use for 4 months, ProTipster resets your account to zero.

  • Do you have any commision for each sale?

    ProTipster cuts 30% commission for each sale.

  • Is there minimum withdrawal amount?

    Yes, minimum withdrawal amount is 50 PTC coins (50 EUR approximetaly).