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How many coins can i claim daily?

    Amount of daily coins is up to your highest rank through all sports:
    Rank 0: 50
    Rank 1: 100
    Rank 2: 200
    Rank 3: 300
    Rank 4: 400
    Rank 5: 500

    If you have Premium membership, your coins are multiplied by 2.


Where can I buy ProTipster Coins?

    You can buy coins by clicking on coins number at the top right of your screen. Then you choose the amount and you click "buy now" button.

  • Which payment methods do you support for buying coins?

    We support credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro), online wallets (Netteler, Paypal, Qiwi), and you can also make a bank transfer.

Premium – Making Money

  • What is the formula used to calculate each tipster’s earnings


We share %70 of our income from Premium subscription:
    And the distribution of this %70 will be shared according to coefficient tip ranks:
    Rank 1: 0,02 (1)
    Rank 2: 0,04 (2) R1 x 2
    Rank 3: 0,08 (4) R2 x 2
    Rank 4: 0,16 (8) R3 x 2
    Rank 5: 0,64 (32) R4 x 4

    Formula for the earnings of a tipster:
    E = [(Ct x Ut) / (C1 x U1 + C2 x U2 + C3 x U3 + C4 x U4 + C5 x U5)] x [(TI x 70) / (100)]
    E: Earnings
    t: Tipster
    C: Coefficient
    U: Total Unlock Number
    TI: Total Income of Protipster
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Ranks of tips

  • When earnings are calculated?

    Earnings are calculated at the end of the day

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