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Most played matches for Germany

Adler Mannheim Adler Mannheim vs EHC Red Bull München EHC Red Bull München 11 tips for match
ERC Ingolstadt ERC Ingolstadt vs Straubing Tigers Straubing Tigers 4 tips for match
Augsburger Panther Augsburger Panther vs Cologne Haie Cologne Haie 3 tips for match
Iserlohn Roosters Iserlohn Roosters vs Pinguins Bremerhaven Pinguins Bremerhaven 3 tips for match
Wild Wings Wild Wings vs SC Bietigheim Steelers SC Bietigheim Steelers 3 tips for match

Latest Germany Tips

EHC Red Bull München win, 1:0 Handicap

odds -108
Tip Score: 1.3

ERC Ingolstadt will score less than 3.5 goals in the game

odds -156
Tip Score: 0.0
Not rated

The match will be a draw

odds +350
Tip Score: 0.0
Not rated