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Most played matches for Club Friendly Games

Brondby IF Brondby IF vs Lyngby BK Lyngby BK 13 tips for match
Manchester United Manchester United vs Liverpool FC Liverpool FC 9 tips for match
FC Dinamo Moscow FC Dinamo Moscow vs FC Rubin Kazan FC Rubin Kazan 8 tips for match
PFC Sochi PFC Sochi vs CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow 7 tips for match
SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg vs Eintracht Frankfurt Eintracht Frankfurt 7 tips for match

Latest Club Friendly Games Tips

Lyngby BK will win the match

odds +362
Tip Score: 0.0
Not rated

FC Dinamo Moscow will win the match

odds -127
Tip Score: 0.0
Not rated

There will be more than 1.5 goals in the first half

odds -103
Tip Score: 0.6

Club Friendly Betting Tips and Predictions

Club Friendly Games Predictions & Betting Tips

Pre-season friendlies aside, many major leagues across the globe employ a winter break during which, teams engage in friendly matches as a means to keep their players fit and now with the Premier League (notably the most viewed football league in the world) introducing a Winter break for the first time for its 2019/20 season, the scope has only widened. 

International club friendlies give punters a good opportunity to stake on football games during off season and their interest in them has led to an increase in the demand for Betting odds and tips. 

ProTipster is a community of successful Tipsters that adhere to this demand. On ProTipster, you can find the best tipsters who specialize in different sports. Use it to find the best and the latest International Club friendly tips for today.

Club Friendly Odds

Betting tips aside, punters need to have a solid grasp of odds when betting on any sport let alone football. Calculating odds in a club friendly game is harder than calculating odds on competitive football games because of unquantifiable factors such as a team’s motivation towards the game influence it. Furthermore, team selection influences club friendly odds as in high profile teams who are generally favourites to win against weaker teams, in a friendly game may choose to select fringe players/academy talent over their regulars in order to assess them thereby causing a relative shift in odds. 

The percentage of surprising results over a given number of games in both competitive games and club friendlies is known to be similar or even higher for international club friendlies and bookmakers are known to factor in this “friendly effect” when calculating odds for International club friendlies. Bookmakers are known to place odds in favour of clubs who traditionally do well in friendly games, making club friendly predictions a difficult endeavour.  

Different bookmakers offer different odds so it is important to choose an appropriate bookmaker who stays true to your betting value. ProTipster offers a range of highly rated bookmakers currently available in the industry. You can use our site to compare the odds provided and choose the best one.

Bet365 and 888Sport are two highly recommended bookmakers that offer amazing odds on club friendlies. Use them to find the best odds for International club friendlies today.

How to bet on Club Friendly Games

Making successful club friendly predictions is not just down to getting the best betting odds and best football betting tips, it’s also about how you make efforts in terms of being vigilant whilst trying to beat the system. Now beating a bookmaker is tough and requires high levels of skill and determination, however, a fundamental way to know that you’re on the right track is to have a solid grasp of the sport you bet on. Successful punters in the game today are well versed with their sport and have a strong grasp of the available betting markets. Having said that, it’s definitely not difficult for beginners to get into the mix. ProTipster’s strategy article on football betting is designed to make things easier to understand for people with limited knowledge of the sport’s betting markets. 

Apart from this, when betting on a specific club friendly match, prior knowledge of the information surrounding the game could be critical in deciding which team to stake on and what markets to play. Websites such as ProTipster and social media sites Twitter and Facebook are all great sources to acquire information such as team sheets, head to head record, weather and pitch conditions, referee etc. Furthermore, listening to what the football pundits are saying about the game, could also be useful and help you explore a different angle.

International clubs friendly game predictions offer similar betting markets to competitive football however, the skill here is to identify and play the relevant markets. For example, during club friendlies, managers tend to play two different teams in two different halves. This makes full-time markets irrelevant and markets such as Half-time result, handicaps/Asian handicaps more relevant to play. Over 2.5 goals is also a great market to play in as international club friendlies tend to generate a lot of goals.

William Hill is widely regarded as the bookmaker with the best betting markets. Once you find the best today club friendly predictions on our site, you can proceed to the highly rated bookie and place your bets.

In-Play Club Friendly Betting

In-Play betting or live betting allows you to bet on live sporting events as they are happening. It is extremely popular in competitive Football because the sport’s structure lends very well into in-play betting. Many bookmakers believe that in-play betting is now accounting for over 50% turnover in football betting due to which its popularity in club friendlies too is quickly increasing. The biggest attraction around in-play betting is that it allows “capacity for assessment” which means that you are well informed on the game as being able to bet alongside the ongoing events of the game in real-time. In-play betting also offers instant gratification in terms of fast cash-payouts and multiple chances to profit on a single game although the winnings aren’t available until the end of the game. 

Live betting doesn’t require you to be an expert, the main requirement is betting and having visibility on the game at the same time. In-play betting in club friendlies is pretty straightforward and works in the same way as a pre-match betting market. The one main difference, however, is that the odds keep drifting as the match goes on so it’s down to your ability to identify opportunities and pick the right moments to stake. Experienced punters when using live betting markets, have been known to hold off for the first few exchanges in a match and make note of how the match is shaping up, before placing a bet.

In-play betting in Club friendlies has a slight edge over competitive football in terms of getting Visibility. You don’t have to worry about television rights when trying to watch the game you wish to bet on as many clubs during their pre-season tours, allow free streams on their games for fans to watch them play. Bookmakers too, allow free streams on their sites but their use is subject to certain terms and conditions. You can watch live streams of club friendlies on sites like bet365 and 1xBet.

Popular In-play betting markets for club friendlies include Next team to score, Next goal-scorer and Half-time score among others and you can utilize these available In-play markets offered by the affiliated Bookmakers on ProTipster.

Post your own Club Friendly Games Betting Tips

ProTipster is not only the global community of the best tipsters. You can test your betting strategies and post your own club friendly betting tips without risking real money. Moreover, ProTipster awards tipsters with $2500 worth of monthly prizes, so while you will post your club friendly betting tips, you could earn some cash and free bets. Just sign up your ProTipster account and compete with other sports enthusiasts in our monthly competitions.

There are various, serious reasons why you should post your own betting tips. Check some of the advantages of posting your own tips on ProTipster below:

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Best Bookmakers for Club Friendly Betting

Different bookmakers have different USP’s (unique selling points), so your choice of a suitable bookmaker should depend on what value you put on your stakes. Making good football predictions is tough, meaning that choosing a bookmaker who provides you with the best football betting tips becomes very important. Apart from this, when choosing a bookmaker, you should also consider the odds provided, coverage of available markets, free live streams and promotional activities (free bets, welcome bonuses etc.). At ProTipster, you can find a number of bookmakers who offer a good range of Club friendlies betting tips, betting odds and betting markets. You can learn more about the available online bookmakers and read opinions/ reviews here.

If getting the best odds is what gives your bet value then, Bet365 and Betway are two leading bookmakers that offer the best and the most reliable club friendlies odds. You can check them out, analyze which firm gives you more favourable odds and choose your preferred bookmaker accordingly. Incidentally, there are other firms who in certain situations, may offer better odds. Analyzing them too could help you make a more informed decision on your choice of the bookmaker. Meanwhile, 22Bet is known to offer the best selection of available club-friendly betting markets. Check them out if a bookmaker’s selection of betting markets is what gives value to your stake. Top Bookmakers know that club friendlies match viewing thrives on free streams and so to propel their club friendlies live betting markets, many of them are known to offer live streams on their site. Keep an eye out for these bookmakers if you are looking to utilize the In-play betting markets.

In addition to this, keep an eye on the promotional activities of these bookmakers. Most bookmakers have welcome bonuses, giving new betters a certain amount to the bank to kick start their betting campaign. Free bets are one such promotional offer that allows refunds and loyalty bonuses. Bet365 is known for its promotions, for example, you can utilize its “bore draw” refund scheme on certain selected markets wherein it refunds your stake if the game ends 0-0. 

Bookmakers constantly keep coming up with new offers in order to attract new bets. Use these offers to make the most out of your club friendly betting

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