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Best Tips and Predictions for EURO 2020 Qualifiers

Best Tips and Predictions for EURO 2020 Qualifiers

EURO 2020 qualifications are getting to the end. There are only a few more games to play and after this national teams week, there will be only one more, in November. Some teams have already secured their place in Euro, maybe not mathematically, but the miracle should happen to keep them out of it. On ProTipster you could find the best EURO 2020 Qualifiers betting tips. For this round, we give you one best bet in each group.


These two teams are one of the biggest disappointments of these Euro qualifications. England is untouchable in this group, there is no doubt about it, but the rest of the teams were pretty similar: Kosovo, Czechia and these two. The expectations were you should see the fight between four teams until the end, but both Montenegro and Bulgaria are out. They still have to play in the remaining games, and you shouldn't expect effort from them. That means less care in defence, the odds on goals in this game are really high, but you should choose the option both teams to score.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Montenegro – Bulgaria: Both teams to score @ 2.00


Ukraine managed to surprise by taking the first place and leaving Portugal behind them. Now they have to finish this campaign, and Lithuania is the first step. In the first game when they played away, they won 3-0. Lithuania has a terrible record in away games against such teams, so you had Serbia 4-1 two times lately, Romania 3-0, Poland 4-0. There is no chance that the Lithuanian team can cope with the host and it's only a matter of goal difference. This handicap line is not too high and you should definitely take it.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Ukraine – Lithuania: Ukraine -2.5 @ 1.90


Here you have a situation similar to the one from the Group A. The difference is those teams weren't so big disappointments, especially Estonia. We can expect a little bit less care in defence but regarding the goals, this bet goes in another direction. There are big chances that Belarus can win this with a result 2-0 or 3-0, simply because of their quality, so choosing over 2.5, or even better, over 2  should be a wiser option than going for both teams to score.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Belarus – Estonia: Over 2 goals @ 1.83


Ireland are on top of their group, with Denmark and Switzerland as their main rivals. Now they will have a great chance to make a huge step to Euro with a win in Georgia, but you can be sure that won't be so easy. Georgians are pretty tough at home, and only a single point would mean a lot for Ireland – they could lose against Switzerland, and still have everything in their own hands in the last game against Denmark.  In 5 games in qualifications so far, Ireland were under 2.5 in all of them, so you can expect a similar approach in the next game.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Georgia – Ireland: Under 2 goals @ 1.78


Hungary won the first game against Croatia, but the poor performances against Slovakia have proven that was only luck. They are now in the worst situation of all Euro contenders in their group. Croatians are in the best position and they are looking for a win before leaving for Wales. Hungary have some problems with injuries, while Croatia have all the players at the disposal. Even Ivan Rakitic, who didn't have the best time in Barcelona lately, is now back, and the home team should easily win this.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Croatia – Hungary: Croatia -1.5 @ 2.17


Norway didn't lose in the last 13 home games, and this is a game of huge importance for them. Spain are on the top of the group, with huge 7 points more than the first followers, so you shouldn't expect their top players in the first 11. Even if they will play, Norway are capable of not getting defeated with 2 or more goals difference, and in the other case, with some rotations, they could get even more. If you are brave enough, you can go for the total surprise and Norwegian win, but we advise you some more conservative options. 

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Norway – Spain: Norway +1 @ 2.06


Latvia look terrible in this EURO cycle, they have conceded incredible 21 goals in 6 games so far, and there was only one team that played below par against them – Poland, of course. Polish aren't a team who are capable of thrashing the opponent, and their first game against Latvia at home finished with only 2-0. In addition to that information, they weren't able to score a goal in the last two games, so you can expect Poland simply because their quality is incredibly higher, but Latvia, on the other hand, can still keep their dignity with some smaller defeat.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Latvia – Poland: Latvia +2.5 @ 1.81


This pick is based mostly on stats and the tradition. France and Iceland have met many times recently, actually 3 times in the last 3 years. The results were 5-2, 2-2, and 4-0, and of course, those two wins were in favour of France. In this Euro qualification group, both teams have great stats if you consider betting on over 2.5. Iceland were over 2.5 in 4 of 6 games with 3.2 goals per game, while France made it 5 times, with huge 3.8 goals per game average.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Iceland – France: Over 2.5 @ 1.97


This bet might look really hard psychologically because when Belgium open the opponents up and start to „count“ like 2,3,4,5, it will seem easy they will win with more than 7 goals difference. Of course, if Belgium would be with their top players, then this should go even more than 10, but can you imagine that Zinedine Zidane gets some bad news about his star Eden Hazard who was injured by a tackle of some waiter (with all due respect) from San Marino? De Bruyne is not in the squad, you can expect many rotations, and San Marino can keep this lower than 7.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Belgium – San Marino: San Marino +7.5 @ 1.75


Bosnia & Herzegovina are practically facing the impossible – the groups seemed passable for them, but now they have only minimum chances. Their goal difference 12:11 says enough about them, and compared with Finland's 8:4, you can clearly see the tactical bias of the teams. Now Bosnia must attack, this is a must-win for them, and they are without their top scorer Edin Dzeko. Finland couldn't wish for a better setup of this game and they should know to take advantage of Bosnian lack of options in the attack.

ProTipster Expert's Tip: Bosnia & Herzegovina – Finland: Finland +0.5 @ 1.78

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