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Norwegian Eliteserien 2019 - Betting Analysis

Norwegian Eliteserien 2019 - Betting Analysis

What can we expect from the Norwegian Eliteserien this season? Read ProTipster's league review and find out answers...

Eliteserien 2019 | Introduction

Eliteserien is the top league of Norwegian football. At the moment it's ranked as the 22nd league in Europe based on the UEFA coefficients which take into account club performances in the last 5 years. The season usually begins in the last weekend of March or first of April and it consists of 30 games in which 16 teams play each other twice. The bottom two teams are relegated, while the 14th placed team play 3rd placed team from the 2nd division.

Considering the number of titles, one club is the best by far. That's, of course, Rosenborg, who have won 26 titles, while no one else didn't manage to reach even 10. The next are Fredrikstad with 9, Viking with 8, Lillestrom and Valerenga with 5, while Molde and Brann have 3 national league titles.

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Rosenborg have won 4 titles in a row, but almost all those seasons have something in common – Rosenborg used to start the season with the poor results and overtook the leader in the last 2 months. Now we have a similar situation, but this time it's pretty upsetting. Molde, the 2nd best team in the league, are already at the top with huge 13 points advantage over Rosenborg.

One important fact we need to highlight is that Rosenborg always depended on their performances, because other teams were unable to win during longer period. But this Molde look really serious, and the main reason for that is their attack. They already managed to score 25 goals, and the league’s 2nd best attack is on 19. Also, we should take into account that Rosenborg have scored only 7 goals in 9 games, while the league’s top scorer Omoujianfo has scored 9. So, it is pretty obvious how serious is the situation for the title holders.

Dark Horse

Molde have played one more game than their competitors, but at the moment the team from Skien have the best ratio. Odd Grenland have the same number of points as Molde and one game in hand, so it will be interesting to see how will they play in the next match. They still haven’t played against Molde, but with a little bit of luck in those games, everything is possible. Actually, at the moment they have bigger chances to lift the trophy than Rosenborg - odds on Odd are 6 and on Rosenborg 11, but we included Rosenborg among favorites simply because of their reputation.



Newly promoted teams Mjondalen and Viking started new season pretty well, and that especially refers to Viking. The favorites for the relegation are definitely Tromso, who lost 7 out of 9 games so far and nothing seems to get going for them. It is hard to pick the 2nd relegation candidate as literally half of the league could fill it, but „somehow“ we know this won't be Sarpsborg who are on the 14th place at the moment, but who have a team to fight for Europa league.

Betting on Eliteserien

The Norwegian Eliteserien is a high scoring league. So far the number aren't as usual, but that might be because of the weather. Matches in the summer period are much more efficient , so combinations of goals and both team to score or goals and winners can have a really nice value.

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