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Game of Thrones Betting | Who will Rule Westeros?

Game of Thrones Betting | Who will Rule Westeros?

Winter is coming once again and for the last time! Are you excited for the final season of Game of Thrones? If you want to double up your enthusiasm level, you can bet on the show!
The most popular market around the Game of Thrones is “Who will rule Westeros?” at the end of the TV series. Although some of the fans guess Westeros will be entirely destroyed by the White Walkers, I don't think it can be an "American type" of ending. 
Then “Who will die in Season 8” market also gets attention from the fans. 1xBet offers a variety of markets and the highest odds for the show. You can even bet on “Who will be the lord/lady of the Winterfell?” or who will be one of the White Walker's at Season 8. Sadly, Hodor stands as a favorite.

As a warning, this article includes spoilers from all of the first seven seasons and some fan theories about the Season 8.

Who Will Rule The Westeros at the end of the Final TV Episode of GoT?

We’re not sure whether Iron Throne will be there or not but we can talk about some theories. Maybe many of you believe the favorite should be Daenerys or Jon Snow, but neither of them is the frontrunner. Bookmakers think Bran Stark will sit the throne. It might surprise many regular viewers, but the massive fans will not be surprised to hear his name as a favorite.

Bran Stark (Odds: 2.90)
The Favorite

Bran Stark’s revealing powers make him the strongest character on the Tv Series for sure. He is a warg and the three-eyed raven. He showed us he can control the time and affect the past. What you need more to sit on a throne?
I believe, the ruler will not be a warrior, so actually Bran Stark fits in it, but I don’t think he deserves to be the favorite. Odds are too short for him, and except some fan theories, the screenwriters didn’t give us a clue about it can happen. For sure he can be the most essential character for the final season, but he is not a leader type of character. 

Sansa Stark (Odds: 7.50)
My Bet!

Honestly, I believe we will see a woman character as a leader at the end of the season. So Sansa is one of the competitors, and surprisingly I think she can be the best candidate for the throne! She has a personal vengeance story. Her transformation as a character is persuasive and Sansa is not a warrior like the other potential candidates. She has an excellent chance to survive until the end of the series. Many viewers don’t like her as a level of Jon Snow or Daenerys, but I don’t think George R.R. Martin wants an extremely “romantic” ending. When this question asked to him, he emphasized a “bittersweet” ending. The other possibilities as a woman character are Daenerys (too obvious), Arya (too young), Cersei (too evil).
Sansa will be my main bet!

Night’s King (Odds: 10.50)
Dark Horse

Actually, it’s hard to believe such an evil ending for this kind of popular American Tv-show, but if you see from the odds perspective, it can be a value bet. Eventually, it’s humans vs. white walkers and if the "death" will get the victory Night’s King is the only option for the throne. According to a popular fan theory, Bran Stark can be the Night’s King. If the theory happens, you can cover Bran Stark also just with betting on Night’s King. Will we furthermore see ice blue eyes at the end of the Tv Series? If you believe he will be alive, I think he has a slight chance to rule a “dead” Westeros. What a dystopic ending with just some mortals are trying to build civilization again!

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Who will die at the Season 8?

Maybe many of you asked why I didn’t mention about Jon Snow for the possibilities about the throne. Because I believe he will die. For a series like Game of Thrones maybe it’s harder to guess who will not die because of that odds are too short for almost all possibilities. Still, I will try to find the value here.

Cersei Lannister (Odds: 1.25)
The Favorite

I don’t think anyone wants to wait 2 months just for 1.25 odds, but without mentioning Cersei Lannister, this article won't be completed. Her death looks one of the most obvious ones even there is a market for "who will kill her?"
She looks like a public enemy no.1 for whole Westeros. It's almost impossible for her to survive.

Jon Snow (Odds: 2.25)
My Bet!

I think odds for Jon Snow is surprisingly high. He is one of the favorite characters of most of the viewers. I almost see the tears after his death at the final episode of the series. 
He’s a gladiator type of a character. He turned back from death once, but he had a mission. When he survived Westeros from the Night’s King, can’t you feel the perfect cinematic scene of his death? Social media will explode, and it will be one of the most memorable scenes of Tv history. Odds are too good to refrain.

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