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Fixed Football Matches, Don't be Fooled

Fixed Football Matches, Don't be Fooled

Fixed Football Matches

Welcome back to another ProTipster video; today we’re going to to be speaking about the scourge of fixed football matches.

First and foremost let’s address the facts; fixing does happen in football matches. According to the people who investigate it, it occurs in about 1% of matches. What we’re talking about here is the supposed selling of information on fixed matches to punters.

Fixed Football Matches

If you go onto Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and all the other social media platforms and do a search for ‘fixed matches’ you’ll see 100s, no, 1000s of profiles ‘selling’ information on fixed matches.

We talk here about how these people operate, how they suck people in and tempt them with their ‘fixed’ picks.

It’s pretty simple, for example they post something on their Social Media profile saying that that they have information on a fixed game. Let’s say for this example it’s Manchester United Vs Arsenal. Let’s also say 100 people reply to this message and say they want the info. He will charge a fee, usually €100 for the information and he’ll tell half the people the result will be Over 2.5 goals and the other half that the result is Under 2.5 goals.

He’s got a 50% chance of being correct here doesn’t he? Forget about odds for a moment, he’s either right or wrong, so it’s a 50% chance.

So let’s say the match ends Manchester United 3 - 1 Arsenal, for the people he told the match would be Over 2.5 they’re happy and they’re sucked in now. For the next match he’ll change €500 for info. With the people who lost, he’ll either make and excuse and give them a ‘free match’ next time or he’ll block them on social media.

The fixer repeats this cycle over and over and over and because people are gullible they go along with it until finally they lose.

Another thing regarding buying ‘fixed info’ is that unlike with a legal business you have zero customer rights here. It’s like buying illegal drugs. You think you know what you’re getting but if you get something you didn’t want you can’t exactly call the police, or get your lawyers onto the seller.

Fixed Football Matches

We talk then for a bit about how bookmakers catch people betting on so-called fixed matched. Sometimes a fixer will sell info on a lower league match and when you come along with you ‘fixed’ bet and put a large amount of money on it they’ll very quickly be alerted to your bet because of low liquidity in the market and they’ll simply refuse to take your bet. Or they’ll accept it but won’t pay out, or they’ll alert the authorities. Sure, you might get lucky once, but twice, and three times? Not very likely.

We’re all familiar with the When The Fun Stops Stop campaign and they do great work. If you’re gambling to make fast money you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. The vast majority of people will never make money gambling and of those people most do it for leisure. The people who do make money are in it for the long haul and they’re learning all the time how to improve their better techniques. Of course addiction is a huge problem too and we implore you to seek help if gambling has become a problem.

We speak then for a bit about how matches are really fixed, i.e. spot fixing, things like first yellow card, first corner, throw in etc. These things certainly happen, but do you really think some kid in a basement is going to sell you this kind of information for only €100? Really? Come on. He could just gamble on it himself. And if that info was actually for sale you’d be changes 1000s for it.

So that’s pretty much it folks, thanks for watching the video and we hope you liked it. Please stay away from these fixed match sellers on social media and if you’re approached by one either report them or send them our video as a troll. G’luck.

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