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August Football Competition Winner

August Football Competition Winner

We’re introducing the August winner of our football competition. AsianHandicap has 6.1% yield on 763 posted tips. When someone has a positive yield after so many tips, this means he’s the real deal! It’s not just about luck! So, let’s meet our winner.

Nice to meet you AsianHandicap. How did you find out about ProTipster? What did attract you to the site?
- I have found this site by pure coincidence at Google. I was searching for a free betting site with lice betting offer as I wanted to improve my betting skills. And ProTipster was the only site with live match offer. By the way, the odds at the site are moving rather slowly and I would prefer them to move quicker.

What are your favorite sports, teams, and hobbies?
- My favorite sports are football and tennis. I don't really have a favorite team, and I think that’s a good thing as this way I’m avoiding losses. People are often biased when betting on their favorite teams, but as I don’t have one, I don’t face such problems. As for hobbies, I like reading a lot.

What advice can you give to your fellow ProTipsters? What data do you take into consideration before placing a bet?
- I usually bet on Asian Handicap markets as I get better odds. Asian Handicap odds are not too high, not too low, so I think you really need to be skillful tipster in order to beat the market.

My main advice for other bettors would be: Keep your stakes low! If you bet big proportion of your betting bank then you could easily end up without money. It is important to keep cool head and stay calm and disciplined after losses.

One more question – do you have some bet which you’ll never forget?
- I remember my first ever bet at World Cup2010. I took Asian Handicap 2.25 on France. I don’t remember against whom they played, but I remember I won this bet. It was a really small win, but still, I remember it very well.

Every month we have a football competition and every month you have the chance to win 200 EUR.

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