About Us

“We are here to help you get rich”

No, we are not, not really, because we do not make promises we cannot keep.

Yet, we can still provide you a great marketplace where you can:

  • Open an account for free or sign in with your social media accounts
  • Post free Picks/Multipliers (Content)
  • See free Content other members posted
  • Sell paid Content to other members and make money
  • Buy Content from other members with ProTipster Coins (PTc)

So you can post, request, trade real-time betting information at ProTipster.

Is this all? For now, yes... but we have an amazing team that keeps working on very cool stuff already for more than half a year, so it is a matter of time this place gets really hot.

What is unique here?

  • ProTipster is where Supply for information meets Demand
    ProTipster is a real-time betting information marketplace so the folks who want information meet the ones who provide it without delay.
  • Tipsters at ProTipster really need to be Pro
    We are using raw odds from the industry leader, Betradar, and the margin on our odds is slightly higher than the average mainstream sportsbook. Therefore, tipsters have to pick slightly lower odds than the market odds, which gives you a chance to catch the valuable margin before it is totally gone, even if multiple people bet on that pick. This also helps us identify really good tipsters as opposed to those who manage to catch odds just before they drop — a concept only good as a punter but does not work in tipping business
  • No banners or colorful logos of other companies
    We are committed to the cause — creating the ultimate betting information marketplace. Therefore, we will not be using logos of other companies or large banners to distract your attention. If we accept advertising, it will be smart and contextual so that your user experience is not disturbed.
  • Verified by the best of the industry
    We do not need to get a single tip verified by an external source thanks to our generous investors that allowed us to have a sophisticated integration with Betradar so we can offer real-time odds. Odds at ProTipster are not delayed at all and they are verified by Betradar, leaving no room for doubt.
  • ProTipsters need to deliver
    We developed a simple but effective algorithm that upgrades or downgrades tipster rank of members. Tipsters with higher rank get their content displayed above others at the marketplace. Influenced by airline miles programs, this algorithm makes sure the content of those successful chaps are always on top — so the shop window of the marketplace is always filled with relevant content to help you make money and save you valuable time.

How does it work?

It is fairly simple actually, but it takes time to understand:

  • Every member is treated as a potential tipster at ProTipster
  • When you post content, you are doing this the same was as you bet on a sportsbetting site (so you have no way to cheat the odds)
  • The system shows the content of higher ranked tipsters above others
  • Our system calculates the profit for each pick and updates everyone’s yields when we get the results from Betradar
  • The more successful you are, the higher your content is displayed in the marketplace

You can decide to share your tips for free or with a price tag (paid). If you post paid content:

  • Other members may buy it with ProTipster Coins (PTc)
  • PTc are sold only at our website
  • ProTipster cuts 30% fee from each transaction (we need to make money to offer you the service) and the rest is yours
  • You can either spend your earned PTc at ProTipster or withdraw them (see our Terms and Conditions for details)
  • The better tipster and the more successful you are, the more you can sell and earn at ProTipster

We are also building a loyalty system for those who use ProTipster a lot but don’t buy or sell anything here, but that is news for another time.

Who are we?

Does it really matter?

If it does, we are a bunch of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who thought betting information market deserves a real-time marketplace, and we tasked ourselves with making one for you.

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